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Saturday 21st October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

MouseholeTawny Pipit flew over west shore late morning

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck (drk) still at Dozmary Pool at 0955hrs

SennenShort-toed Lark still in tilled field west of track to farm this morning

TruroCattle Egret (2) still at St Clement at Menadews Farm in left field before entrance to farm

St LevanYellow-browed Warbler still at St Levan. Also Firecrest (4)

PenbethYellow-browed Warbler by truning cirlce area

PendeenLeach’s Petrel (10), Pom Skua (2), Balearic Shearwater (38) and Sooty Shearwater (4) flew past Pendeen Watch between 1330-1600hrs

SennenLeach’s Petrel in Sennen Cove from car park at 1645hrs

NewquayPom Skua, Arctic Skua (18), Great Skua (13), Balearic Shearwater (8), Great Northern Diver, Red-throated Diver and Arctic Tern at Towan Head. Also Snow Bunting. (cbwps)

MarazionGarganey (fem) still at Marazion Marsh RSPB at east at 1330hrs

TruroSpoonbill (2) still at Malpas opposite Heron inn at 1230hrs

HayleSpoonbill still at Hayle Estuary RSPB. Also Spotted Redshank. Arctic Skua flew over Old Quay House

FalmouthCommon Scoter at Argal Reservoir from car park at 1625hrs

St IvesMerlin at St Ives Island at 1700hrs (Thanks P.Sharpe)

Image: P.Sharpe

Sancreed- Firecrest (2) at Sancreed (Thanks D.Flumm)

NewlynFirecrest at Sandy Cove (cbwps)

St MerrynSwallow (6, 2 ad + 4 young ready to fledge) (cbwps)

Friday 20th October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck (drk) at Dozmary Pool

SennenShort-toed Lark still just west of Escalls Chapel in tilled field west of track to farm at 1015hrs

NanjizalYellow-browed Warbler (2) trapped and ringed at Nanjizal Valley. Please keep to public rights of way

PenberthYellow-browed Warbler still at Penberth Cove

St LevanYellow-browed Warbler still near church

Lands EndYellow-browed Warbler and Firecest at Lands End

NanquidnoWoodlark at Boscregan Farm

Botallack – Snow Bunting at Botallack Head at 1150hrs

SancreedSnow Bunting (male) at Sancreed still

MarazionGarganey still a Marazion Marsh RSPB at 1430hrs

HayleSpoonbill still at Ryan’s Field

PendeenRing Ouzel at Pendeen. Firecrest and Redstart at Church. Snow Bunting flew over. Firecrest at Calartha Farm

ConstantineBlack Redstart in stubby field just NW of Constantine

RameBlack Redstart at Rame Head

Saturday 17th December 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

DriftRing-necked Duck (2 drk) at Drift Resv at 1105hrs in NE arm then flew towards NW arm. Black-necked Grebe in NW arm

Newquay – American Wigeon (drk) again on Gannel Estuary early morning. Cattle Egret (11) at Gannel Estuary flew in to roost late afternoon

Sancreed – Cattle Egret (3) at Sellan Farm this afternoon

Upper Tamar Lake Cattle Egret distantly in field with bull (Thanks D.Julian)


Penzance – Black Redstart at Battery Rocks

Friday 16th December 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Drift – Ring-necked Duck (2 drk), Cattle Egret (2) and Black-necked Grebe at Drift Reservoir this afternoon

NewquayCattle Egret (2) on Gannel Estuary this evening

Nanjizal – Yellow-browed Warbler (3) at Nanjizal Valley. Lapland Bunting (3) flew over. Keep to public rights of way

St Just – Yellow-browed Warbler at Kenidjack Valley in bushes behind sewage works at midday

Penzance – Black Redstart (male) near railway station

Saturday 25th October 2014 Cornwall Bird Sightings

HayleLESSER YELLOWLEGS still in Copperhouse Creek early afternoon

Nanquidno – RED-BREASTED FLYCATCHER (2) at Nanquidno Valley, 1 by horse box near parking area, 1 on left before Nanquidno Farm. Also Yellow-browed Warbler

Drift – RING-NECKED DUCK at north end of Drift Reservoir from hide

PenzanceROSE-COLOURED STARLING (juv) on wires opposite B&Q at 1545hrs

St JustFirecrest (2) at Kenidjack Valley this afternoon

PenzanceEider (drk) and Common Scoter still off Harbour this morning

Scillonian Crossing – Balearic Shearwater (3+) and Sooty Shearwater from Scillonian III this morning. Also Harbour Porpoises, Common Dolphins and Minke Whale

Men-an-tol – Hen Harrier this evening

CarharrackFirecrest (2) at Carharrack along footpath on north side of outer wood at 1100hrs (Thanks A.Hambury)

No sign of Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Porthgwarra. Balearic Shearwater (9) and Sooty Shearwater (2) past Gwennap Head. Hooded Crow still at Roskestal Farm

Friday 24th October 2014 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Porthgwarra**YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO** still in area around dried up pool. From car park take path west towards Coastguards then head northwest towards Lands end. Pool is at north end of the stone wall that runs across the moor. Lapland Bunting flew over. Hooded Crow still at Roskestal farm on farm buildings. Please do not block passing places.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Porthgwarra, 24.10.14 A.Hugo

HayleLESSER YELLOWLEGS still at Hayle Estuary at Copperhouse Creek from library car park at 1545hrs. Firecrest still by Ryan’s Field hide

Davidstow AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER at Davidstow Airfield by pool near windsock at 16:53hrs

Drift – RING-NECKED DUCK still at Drift Reservoir at north end from hide

St Just – Probable LITTLE BUNTING in Kenidjack Valley at top end in copse by engine shed this afternoon but elusive.Yellow-browed Warbler at Cot Valley by water treatment works at 17:30. Also Firecrest (2) opposite Cot Valley Cottage. Firecrest at Kenidjack valley in blackthorn near last house

PenzanceROSE-COLOURED STARLING (juv) by A30 in Morrisons car park this afternoon

Scillonian Crossing – Balearic Shearwater (6), Sooty Shearwater and Great Skua (2) from Scillonian III this afternoon. Also Minke Whale (2)

PendeenYellow-browed Warbler between Pendeen & Morvah at Rose Valley north of B3306 in trees by 1st house this

LamornaYellow-browed Warbler south of Lamorna Cove at Tregurnow Cliff

PenrynFirecrest (4) outside Penryn campus

Treen – Firecrest by path between Treen car park & Penberth Cove at 11:30hrs. Firecrest at Penberth Cove by western path at 13:30hrs

NewquayBlack Redstart at Trevose Avenue by Longbeach Hotel opposite golf course at 1020hrs

St BuryanBlack Redstart at Tater-du Lighthouse

RockBrambling (3. 2m+1f) with Chaffinch flock in private garden at 1720hrs (Thanks S.Grose)

Thursday 23rd October 2014 Cornwall Bird Sightings

MEGA – Porthgwarra**YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO** in scrub just east of Doctor’s House viewed from approach road c500yds before toilet block at 15:10 but mobile, still present at dusk in willows above 60 foot cover tho very elusive. Also Yellow-browed Warbler.  Please do not block passing places

Yellow-billed Cuckoo (S.Rogers)

HayleLESSER YELLOWLEGS at Hayle Estuary RSPB at Copperhouse Creek showing well. Also Med Gull (105). Firecrest (2) at Ryan’s Field near hide by A30 bridge and railway line (Thanks D.Flumm)

Lesser Yellowlegs, Copperhouse Creek (D.Flumm)

DriftRING-NECKED DUCK (fem) at Drift Reservoir in NW arm from Hide

PenzanceROSE-COLOURED STARLING (juv) at Eastern Green at 10:55 by A30 opposite KFC car park

DavidstowAMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER (juv) at Davidstow Airfield until 09:00 with Golden Plover then flew off

Kenneggy CoveWRYNECK at Kenneggy Cove at 1415hrs flew from side of road from Prussia Cove 300 yds south of farm buildings then flew towards Acton Castle hotel

Rame – Yellow-browed Warbler at Rame Church with tit flock near church at c1100hrs

St Just – Firecrest (2) at Cot Valley (Thanks N.Truby)

Penberth Cove – Firecrest at Penberth Cove midway between turning circle and quay this afternoon

NanquidnoFirecrest at Nanquidno Valley

StithiansWhinchat at Stithians reservoir at rear of sailing club (Thanks J.St Ledger)