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Friday 17th November 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

PenzancePacific Diver (ad) still in Mount’s Bay off Penzance sea wall near railway station viewed towards St. Michael’s Mount. Slav Grebe and Eider off Harbour (Thanks D.Astin)

The LizardLittle Bunting still at Old Lizard Head in weedy field by path. Also Lapland Bunting

SaltashGlossy Ibis on saltmarsh at Kingsmill Lake. Also Avocet (115)

St JustRichard’s Pipit flew north over Cot Valley at 1040hrs. Yellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest (2) in valley but no sign of Wryneck

PolgiggaShort-toed Lark again in bulb field north of Faraway Cottage. Black Redstart and Brambling (2) at Tregiffian Farm (Thanks D.Astin)

HayleSpoonbill still at Hayle Estuary (Thanks D,Astin)

MarazionWater Pipit (2) still on beach west of Red River mouth (Thanks D.Astin)

NanquidnoWhooper Swan (2), Brambling and Black Redstart at Tregiffian Farm

CrugmeerShort-eared Owl (3) early evening

HelstonFirecrest (2) at boating lake

PenrynFirecrest (2) at university campus (cbwps)

Connor Downs – Firecrest in garden (P.Freestone)

LamornaBlack Redstart still at Tregiffian Farm

LooePink-footed Goose on Looe Estaury (cbwps)

Carbis BayBlack-throated Diver (2) and Great Northern Diver (4) in bay

Monday 30th October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

GwithianWhite-rumped Sandpiper still at St Gothian Sands LNR on small pool by beach, showing well

DevoranGreat White Egret at Devoran this morning. Also Spoonbill (2)

MarazionRose-coloured Starling still at Marazion Marsh RSPB at Long Rock pool at dusk

WadebridgeGlossy Ibis still at Walmsley Sanctuary at 1640hrs then flew towards Camel estuary

SennenRichard’s Pipit still in field behind school at 1325hrs

St JustRed-breasted Flycatcher at Kenidjack Valley. Yellow-browed Warbler at Cot valley

NanjizalHawfinch (2) flew over Nanjizal Valley. Yellow-browed Warbler (2) and Firecrest (6) trapped and ringed. Please keep to public rights of way

AlletHawfinch (2) flew north over at 0740hrs

Falmouth – Hawfinch flew over this morning

PenrynHawfinch flew over

Lands End Woodlark flew over. Black Redstart (3) at complex entrance. Black Redstart at cycle path

St IvesSabine’s Gull flew past St Ives Island. Black Redstart (male) at Consols

HayleSpoonbill (juv) still on Ryans field at 1125hrs

FeockBlack-necked Grebe (13) off Loe Beach (Thanks J.St Ledger)

PendeenHooded Crow at Bosullow. Black Redstart by lighthouse on building with foghorns at 1455hrs

PolgiggaTurtle Dove on Bosistow Lane

DriftGreenland White-fronted Goose at Drift reservoir in field opposite hide this morning with Canada Geese. Also Whooper Swan (2)

ConstantineFirecrest (2) in wet woods at NW of village. Black Redstart (2) at Trebarvah Court  (Thanks J.Chapman)

Saturday 28th October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

GwithianWhite-rumped Sandpiper still at St Gothian Sands LNR 100 yards south of car park at 0910hrs, still present this afternoon (Thanks J.St Ledger)

Video: J.Chapple

PolgiggaRed-throated Pipit at Lower Bosisitow Farm then flew north towards Skewjack Farm at 0800hrs

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck still at Dozmary Pool this morning. Also Long-tailed Duck. Great Northern Diver still at Colliford Lake

WadebridgeGlossy Ibis at Amble Marshes

PorthgwarraRichard’s Pipit still on north wall tho mobile. Short-eared Owl on moor. Yellow-browed Warbler still at Porthgwarra. Also Black Redstart (2) (Thanks M.Wallace)

SennenRichard’s Pipit still in long grass behind school at 1030hrs tho elusive

The LizardGreat White Egret (2) flew over clifftop in direction of Kynance from Lizard (Thanks M.Parker). Little Bunting at Lizard Point in stubble fields at 1625hrs tho mobile

St Just in RoselandGreat White Egret flew east from Carrick roads towards St Anthony head at 1030hrs

DevoranHawfinch (25) flew over

SancreedHawfinch (2) flew east over. Black Redstart also at Sancreed (Thanks. D.Flumm)

PorthgwarraYellow-browed Warbler and Black Redstart (3) at Porthgwarra (Thanks D.Flumm)

PaulYellow-browed Warbler in trees along Mousehole Lane opposite King’s Arms Hotel at 0820hrs

St Just – Yellow-browed Warbler at Kenidjack. Short-eared Owl at Cot Valley

TorpointGreat Northern Diver at Torpoint

Praa SandsBlack Redstart

HayleSpoonbill (2) still at Hayle Estuary RSPB

LelantSnow Bunting at West Cornwall Golf course

Friday 27th October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

The LizardOlive-backed Pipit at Lizard village in youth hostel garden at 0830hrs but no sign since. Black Redstart and Whinchat in village. Yellow-browed Warbler at Caethillian. Ring Ouzel (2) at Housel bay

GwithianWhite-rumped Sandpiper still at St Gothian Sands LNR 100 yards south of car park at 0800hrs

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck (drk) still at Dozmary Pool. Also Long-tailed Duck still. Great Northern Diver at Colliford Lake

SennenRichard’s Pipit (3) in long grass behind school at 1440hrs. Short-toed Lark still in tilled field on west side of track to Trevorian Farm in SW corner of field near road sign at 1300hrs

PorthgwarraRichard’s Pipit (2) at Gwennap Head at 0915hrs then flew to cattle fields on opposite side of valley. Yellow-browed Warbler and Black Redstart (4) at Porthgwarra.

NanjizalCommon Rosefinch flew over Nanjizal Valley this morning. Also Hawfinch, Yellow-browed Warbler (4), Siberian Chiffchaff, probable Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (form blythi), Firecrest (8) and Ring Ouzel. Please keep to public rights of way

DevoranHawfinch (25) flew over this morning

PenrynHawfinch (4) flew over

St Just – Hawfinch (2) flew over Cot Valley at 0840hrs

WadebridgeHawfinch at Clapper Marshes

PolgiggaYellow-browed Warbler on Bosistow Lane

RameYellow-browed Warbler, Ring Ouzel, Black Redstart (3+) still at Rame Head

HayleSpoonbill (2) still at Ryan’s Field

St LevanRing Ouzel at St Levan

Sunday 22nd October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck (drk) still at Dozmary Pool at 1500hrs

RameRed-breasted Flycatcher still in sycamore by church at 1315hrs. Also Black Redstart. Woodlark (2) at Penlee Point in 1st field north of car park at 1140hrs then flew off

PolgiggaRichard’s Pipit between Higher Bosistow and Lower Bosistow Farm (Thanks K.Wilson). Black Redstart (2) and Firecrest at Lower Bosistow

SennenShort-toed Lark still in tilled field  just west of Escalls Chapel, west of track to farm at 1100hrs, still present mid afternoon

PendeenSabine’s Gull (3), Long-tailed SkuaLeach’s Petrel (9), Storm Petrel (10), Balearic Shearwater (18), Great Skua (182) and Arctic Skua (52) flew Pendeen Watch

St IvesLeach’s Petrel (4), Balearic Shearwater, Pom Skua (19) and Great Northern Diver (7) flew past St Ives Island this morning

NewquayLeach’s Petrel flew past Towan Head. Snow Bunting (6) at Porth Joke

FalmouthYellow-browed Warbler in garden

The LizardYellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest in trees by St Wynwallow’s Church at 1030hrs. Quail (2) at North Predannack Downs. Whooper Swan near the south eastern pond of Lizard Downs (Thanks R.Hollis)

TruroSpoonbill (2) still at Malpas opposite Sunny corner at 1020hrs

SancreedSnow Bunting still (Thanks D.Flumm)

MarazionGarganey still at Marazion Marsh RSPB

Friday 25th November 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Polgigga – American Golden Plover flew south over Bosistow Lane early morning

Nanquidno – Probable Richard’s Pipit over Nanquidno Valley towards Land’s Ened Airfield at 08:50

Penzance – Slavonian Grebe (2) and Great Northern Diver (5) off Jubilee Pool

Drift – Black-necked Grebe at  Drift Reservoir in NE arm mid afternoon

Rosenannon Downs – Hen Harrier (male) at Rosenannon Downs late afternoon. Also Jack Snipe (3) (Thanks D.Julian)

Wadebridge – Black Redstart on Glen Road this afternoon (Thanks D.Julian)

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

PadstowDalmatian Pelican still on Camel Estuary near Iron Bridge at 1500hrs. (Thanks M.Grigg)

Sennen – 1w Isabelline Shrike, (probable Turkestan, phoenicuroides) – south of Sennen north of B3315 1/3ml east of A30 junction in hedge opposite layby to Trevilley Farm late afternoon. Whinchat at Trevilley Farm

Bude Richard’s Pipit (2) at Cleave Camp.

Cattle Egret (M.Halliday)

HayleCattle Egret still on Hayle Estuary RSPB from B3301 causeway then flew south and no further sign. Also Spoonbill near Tempest factory.

Falmouth – Pectoral Sandpiper (juv) still at College Reservoir

Porthgwarra – Yellow-browed Warbler, Whinchat and Short-eared Owl (5)

Nanquidno – Yellow-browed Warbler at Nanquidno Valley. Black Redstart in Nanquidno Valley by barn at top of footpath opposite track to Gurland Farm

St LevanYellow-browed Warbler and Siberian Chiffchaff at St Levan

RameYellow-browed Warbler at Penlee Battery this afternoon

Kenidjack Lesser Whitethroat still in sallows of former donkey paddock in front of last house.

Porthcurno Yellow-browed Warbler still this morning

FalmouthYellow-browed Warbler in trees between Lidl and the maritime buildings

Rame – Black Redstart (2) on farm sheds roofs at Penmillard. (Thanks M.Beer)

St Buryan – Black Redstart still at Tower Meadows

Wadebridge – Black Redstart at Royal Showground at 1330hrs then flew south