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Friday 3rd November 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Trevose Head Olive-backed Pipit at south end of Trevose Head flew over golf course and landed on wires near gate at 0828hrs but no sign since

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck (drk) still at Dozmary Pool at 0830hrs. Also Scaup. Hen Harrier (ringtail) at Colliford Lake at Lovely NR this afternoon. Scaup at Siblyback lake

TreenRose-coloured Starling (2 juv) in front garden of Pyre Cottage

RestronguetGreat White Egret opposite Point quit at 0945hrs

PorthcothanRichard’s Pipit at Porth Mear in long grass left of footpath above beach. Also Snow Bunting and Black Redstart

PenrynHawfinch (4) flew NE over Penryn this morning

Mawgan PorthHawfinch

MarazionYellow-browed Warbler

MaenporthYellow-browed Warbler (Thanks T.Phelps)

St JustYellow-browed Warbler at Kenidjack Valley

Ruan Lanihorne Spoonbill (2) flew up-river from Ardevora and circled Fal-Ruan complex below  Sett bridge at treetop height then flew back down river (Thanks D.Hall)

Gwithian Snow Bunting at St Gothian Sands LNR

HayleWhooper Swan at Hayle Estuary RSPB from B3301 causeway

Stithians ReservoirHen Harrier by feeders at southern cut off hide at 0810hrs then flew towards reservoir (Thanks John St Ledger)

No sign of White-rumped Sandpiper at St Gothian Sands LNR by 1000hrs

Tuesday 31st October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

MouseholeOlive-backed Pipit on path right of Love Lane

GwithianWhite-rumped Sandpiper still at St Gothian Sands LNR on small pool by beach at 0715hrs. Also Firecrest. Cattle Egret (5) flew from Red River mouth and landed in fields behind Churchtown farm

Bodmin Moor Ring-necked Duck (drk) still at Dozmary Pool at 0800hrs

PendeenGreat White Egret flew over Pendeen at 0830hrs

St LevanGreat White Egret at reedbed pool at 0935hrs. (Thanks M.Wallace)

Lands EndGreat White Egret flew west over at 0954hrs. Also Short-eared Owl early morning

ConstantineAmerican Golden Plover flew NE overover field at NW of Constantine village calling at 0730hrs. Also Merlin (juv) and Brambling over SW. Black Redstart (2) at Trebarvah Court (Thanks J.Chapman)

Penzance – probable Cattle Egret (5) flew over Morrab Road at 1005hrs

St JustRed-breasted Flycatcher at Kenidjack Valley still. Also Hawfinch (9) mid morning and Yellow-browed Warbler still

SancreedHawfinch (2) flew south over at 0810hrs

HayleSpoonbill (4) still at Hayle Estuary RSPB from Old Quay House this afternoon

MarazionBittern at Marazion Marsh RSPB opposite Cheshire Homes

SennenLapland Bunting still in stubble field behind school

St BuryanBlack Redstart (3) at Tower meadows

St IvesBlack Redstart still at Consols

PorthgwarraRing Ouzel at Porthgwarra (Thanks M.Wallace)

Friday 27th October 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

The LizardOlive-backed Pipit at Lizard village in youth hostel garden at 0830hrs but no sign since. Black Redstart and Whinchat in village. Yellow-browed Warbler at Caethillian. Ring Ouzel (2) at Housel bay

GwithianWhite-rumped Sandpiper still at St Gothian Sands LNR 100 yards south of car park at 0800hrs

Bodmin MoorRing-necked Duck (drk) still at Dozmary Pool. Also Long-tailed Duck still. Great Northern Diver at Colliford Lake

SennenRichard’s Pipit (3) in long grass behind school at 1440hrs. Short-toed Lark still in tilled field on west side of track to Trevorian Farm in SW corner of field near road sign at 1300hrs

PorthgwarraRichard’s Pipit (2) at Gwennap Head at 0915hrs then flew to cattle fields on opposite side of valley. Yellow-browed Warbler and Black Redstart (4) at Porthgwarra.

NanjizalCommon Rosefinch flew over Nanjizal Valley this morning. Also Hawfinch, Yellow-browed Warbler (4), Siberian Chiffchaff, probable Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (form blythi), Firecrest (8) and Ring Ouzel. Please keep to public rights of way

DevoranHawfinch (25) flew over this morning

PenrynHawfinch (4) flew over

St Just – Hawfinch (2) flew over Cot Valley at 0840hrs

WadebridgeHawfinch at Clapper Marshes

PolgiggaYellow-browed Warbler on Bosistow Lane

RameYellow-browed Warbler, Ring Ouzel, Black Redstart (3+) still at Rame Head

HayleSpoonbill (2) still at Ryan’s Field

St LevanRing Ouzel at St Levan

Monday 29th October 2012 Cornwall Bird Sightings

The Lizard*OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT* still in field at Little Treleaver

PorthgwarraRICHARD’S PIPIT still on moor tho mobile

Marazion – Firecrest at Marazion marsh RSPB

Hayle – Spoonbill (2) on Hayle Estuary RSPB from B3301 causeway at 1530hrs

St Just – Black Redstart (fem) at Pleasant Terrace

Sennen – Black Redstart in cove at North Rocks

Wadebridge – Black Redstart still on temporary mobile phone mast behind coucil offices this afternoon (Thanks G.Williams)

Porthcurno – Sooty Shearwater and GN Diver flew past Porthcurno at 1100hrs

Cape Cornwall – Dark-bellied Brent Goose on golf course at 1230hrs (Thanks A.Mackintosh)

Penzance – Great Skua from Scillonian III this morning

Stithians – Fieldfare (30+) feeding on Hawthorn berries near Trembroath (Thanks J.Shutt)

St Austell – Tufted Duck (pr), Pochard (2 drk) and Shoveller at Par Beach Pool (Thanks C.Jewels)

no sign of any possible Olive-backed Pipit at Kenidjack but Firecrest and Ring Ouzel. Dark-bellied Brent Goose flew south

Sunday 28th October 2012 Cornwall Bird Sightings

The Lizard *OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT* west of Coverack in field at Little Treleaver

St Just - possible *OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT* (2) at Kenidjack Valley near quarry at c1300hrs. Also Merlin SW.369.319. (Thanks A.Mackintosh). Yellow-browed Warbler at Cot Valley and Firecrest (2). (Thanks M.Jones)Black Redstart by Bolitho Club at 1130hrs.

PorthgwarraRICHARD’S PIPIT still on moor, tho mobile, Wood Lark (5) briefly at Gwennap head. Snow Bunting still on moor

Sennen ICELAND GULL (ad) at Sennen Cove, no sign further sign but Yellow-legged Gull (1w)

St Levan - Yellow-browed Warbler north of church by dried up pool. Lapland Bunting (11) between St Levan and Roskestal farm by path tho mobile

Lands EndBlack Redstart still around complex this morning. Crossbill (7) flew SW

TowednackBlack Redstart (2) at Old Vicarage

Lamorna - Black Redstart at Lamorna. Whinchat at Lamorna cove on rocks by car park at 1400hrs

BudePink-footed Goose (4) at Maer lake at 1155hrs

St IvesRing Ouzel (3) and Black Redstart at Buttermilk Hill this morning (Thanks D.King)

St AgnesEider (fem) at Trevellas feeding around rocks at low tide at 1045hrs. (Thanks J.Julian)

MarazionFirecrest (2) at Plan-an-Gwarry

The LizardMarsh Harrier on Lizard Downs. Black Redstart (m+f) at Kynance Cove (Thanks J.Selby)

Fowey - Dark-bellied Brent Goose (3) at Polridmouth (Thanks A.Dawson)

Newquay – Dark-bellied Brent Goose (4), Redshank (4+), Curlew (20+), Wigeon (20+) and Med Gull (4+) on Gannel Estuary (Thanks D.Mays)

Wednesday 24th October 2012 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Mousehole*OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT* still 300 yards south of Raginnis Corner along coast path in weedy fields, pony paddocks and pines behind field tho elusive. no sign late afternoon but Yellow-browed Warbler.

Olive-backed Pipit, Mousehole, (M.Barker)

PolgiggaWRYNECK at Polgigga on wall by Bosistow Farm at midday

HayleSpoonbill (3) on Hayle Estuary RSPB from Lelant Platform (Thanks P.Jeggo and W.Chegwidden)

St JustYellow-browed Warbler still in Kenidjack

Lands EndYellow-browed Warbler still along cycle track in sallows at Trinity Pool. Also Ring Ouzel (8) and Tree Pipit 

LamornaYellow-browed Warbler at Lamorna cove along footpath thru trees on east side. Also Firecrest (3)

PorthcurnoYellow-browed Warbler, Firecrest and Pied Flycatcher

Carnon DownsYellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest (2) in garden

PenberthFirecrest (2) and Redstart

PadstowLapland Bunting (10) at Crugmeer (Thanks D.Julian)

RameRing Ouzel (4) at Rame Head at 1110hrs then flew east

TorpointFirecrest (2) at Kingsmill Lake

FalmouthBlack Redstart (3) at Pendennis Point (Thanks J.St Ledger and D.Chaney). Black Redstart in private garden (Thanks B.Nicholas).  Crossbill (8) flew NW over. Short-eared Owl c1 mile west of Argal Reservoir on farmland (per D.Chaney)

WadebridgeBlack Redstart (2) in field near temporary phone mast behind Council offices (Thanks G.Williams). nearby, Firecrest at Dennis Pool. Hen Harrier near estuary

Bodmin MoorWoodlark, Firecrest and Merlin at Rosenannon Downs late morning (Thanks C.Selway)

The LizardWhooper Swan at Croft Pascoe Pool at 1340hrs (Thanks B.Hawker) Black Redstart (1w male) at Nare Point this afternoon (Thanks N.Berry)

MevagisseyShort-eared Owl, Black Redstart, Ring Ouzel and Swallow at Dodman Point (Thanks D.Payne)

Tuesday 23rd October 2012 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Sennen*GLOSSY IBIS* (1+ 1w) still in stubble field just east of Seaview Holiday Park viewable from B3315 just east of Trevescan from layby just west of Trevilley Farm entrance track

Mousehole*OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT* south of Raginnis along coast path 400 yards from pines this afternoon.

The LizardBlack Redstart (6) at Lizard Village this morning. Also Firecrest

St JustBlack Redstart at Cape Cornwall. Yellow-browed Warbler still in Kenidjack Valley in copse by engine shed.

NewquayYellow-browed Warbler (2) and Ring Ouzel at Porth Joke this evening (Thanks S.Rowe)

Lands EndYellow-browed Warbler between Lands End and Sennen Cove along cycle track in sallows on north side of Trinity Pool this morning. Lapland Bunting flew south at 1110hrs

PorthgwarraYellow-browed Warbler at 60 foot cover

LamornaFirecrest at Lamorna

HayleSpoonbill (2) on Hayle Estuary RSPB from Lelant Platform at 1600hrs (Thanks P.Coleman)

RameYellow-browed Warbler, Firecrest, Ring Ouzel (2), Redstart, Black Redstart (2), Whinchat and Lapland Bunting. Swallow and Redstart near Rame Church between 1400-1600hrs (Thanks M.Jordan and S.Votier)