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Sunday 26th March 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Perranuthnoe Hudsonian Whimbrel again at Boat cove this morning

Hayle Bonaparte’s Gull reported Hayle Estuary RSPB then flew east

NewquayCattle Egret (6) at Gannel Estuary on south side at Penpol Creek this evening

Helston Cattle Egret (2+) in fields by Degibna Church this afternoon (Thanks F.Trewin)

St ErthCattle Egret again at Tredrea Lane today

MarazionGreat White Egret still in pines at Marazion Marsh RSPB at 0710hrs then flew towards St Erth. Also Red Kite (3)

HayleIceland Gull (juv) again on Hayle Estuary

NanquidnoIceland Gull (1cy) at Nanquidno. Also White Wagtail (2) (Thanks D.Flumm)

Iceland Gull, Nanquidno (D.Flumm)

Iceland Gull, Nanquidno (D.Flumm)

PorthIceland Gull at Porth Reservoir briefly this afternoon

Drift – Iceland Gull at Drift Reservoir. Also Pink-footed Goose

Bodmin Moor Red Kite over Bowithick at midday (Thanks A.Bond)

Saturday 25th March 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

NewquayCattle Egret (6) by Gannel Estuary again on south side at Penpol Creek this evening

St ErthCattle Egret (3) flew north east from Tredrea Lane at 0930hrs

Fowey EstuaryCattle Egret (11+) at Fowey Estuary today. Also Osprey this morning (Thanks B.Borter)

Marazion – Siberian Chiffchaff at RSPB Marazion Marsh. Also Velvet Scoter offshore

Falmouth Iceland Gull (1cy) at Swanpool on rocks on west side. Also Yellow-browed Warbler at University on Exeter Campus, Penryn. Also Cetti’s Warbler still at Swanpool and Yellow-browed Warbler in gardens on west side (D.Chaney)

HayleIceland Gull and Spoonbill again on estuary

GwithianIceland Gull (imm) flew over St Gothian Sands NR this morning (Thanks L.Rowe)

Mevagissey – Glaucous Gull (2w) on rocks by beach at Portholland

St Ives Ring Ouzel at Buttermilk Hill. Also Short-eared Owl in off the sea and Merlin in area (Thanks V.Stratton)

PolgiggaBlack Redstart at midday

No sign of Lesser Scaup at Dozmary Pool

Friday 24th March 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

PerranuthnoeHudsonian Whimbrel again this morning at Boat cove

Bodmin Moor Lesser Scaup (drk) still at Dozmary pool

NewquayCattle Egret (6) at Gannel estuary on south side of Penpol Creek

St ErthCattle Egret (3) in field at Tregea Lane (cbwps)

PorthgwarraGreat White Egret flew north over Porthgwarra at 0850hrs (Thanks M.Wallace)

Falmouth – Glaucous Gull (2w) at Swanpool this morning then flew west

Hayle Iceland Gull (juv)on estuary again today. Spoonbill again on Ryan’s Field

PendeenIceland Gull past Pendeen (Thanks D.Flumm)

St JustIceland Gull in field 1km east of village south of A3071 (Thanks DFlumm)

TorpointSpoonbill at St John’s Lake (Thanks D.Julian)

MarazionSiberian Chiffchaff at Marazion Marsh RSPB. Also Mandarin (2). Velvet Scoter (drk) offshore

Monday 10th October 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Wadebridge – Dalmatian Pelican (ad) again on River Camel this afternoon viewed from Camel Trail

Perranuthnoe – Hudsonian Whimbrel (ad) still in Boat Cove NT. Park in Perranuthnoe and take coastal path west to view

FalmouthPectoral Sandpiper still at College Reservoir at 0735hrs on island, showing well, still present at 1130hrs (Thanks J.St Ledger and B.Porter). Common Tern (juv) still at Argal Reservoir

Porthgwarra – possible Little Bunting flew over Porthgwarra. Also Woodlark.  Richard’s Pipit in fields between Trevean Pool & derelict buildings at 1415hrs. Yellow-browed Warbler (3) at Roskestal Farm. Lapland Bunting (2) flew over Roskestal Farm

Mullion – Richard’s Pipit south of Mullion Cove at Lower Predannack

RosecraddocGreat White Egret in marshy field off footpath near woods at 0845hrs (Thanks T.Bryant)

Lands End – Wryneck still at Lands End along cycle path from car park mid afternoon. Also Richard’s Pipit and Brambling. Balearic Shearwater offshore

ZennorDotterel in cut field by Trewey Hill late morning but no further sign this afternoon

RocheRose-coloured Starling (juv) in garden (cbwps)

Nanjizal – Yellow-browed Warbler (9) at Nanjizal Valley trapped & ringed

Rame Yellow-browed Warbler (3) at Rame Head

The Lizard Yellow-browed Warbler (2) in gardens at Trelowarren (cbwps)

PortreathYellow-browed Warbler (2) at Portreath

Pendeen – Yellow-browed Warbler still in Calartha Copse

FalmouthYellow-browed Warbler in garden in Marborough Road

St Just – Yellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest at Kelynack (cbwps)

SennenYellow-browed Warbler still at Esther’s Field on south side of Maria’s Lane

PorthcurnoYellow-browed Warbler by car park

Liskeard – Yellow-browed Warbler calling from trees at Liskeard cattle market this morning (Thanks D.Julian)

Hayle –  Spoonbill still at Hayle Estuary from Old Quay House Inn  at 0745hrs

Mullion – Spoonbill flew south along Angrouse Cliff (Thanks P.Fenn)

PolgiggaBlack Redstart at Arden-Sawah

DriftMandarin (2) srill at Drift reservoir. Also Pintail (2) (cbwps)

Rock – Med Gull (119) roosting off Porthilly Point (Thanks S.Grose)

Sunday 9th October 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Perranuthnoe – Hudsonian Whimbrel (ad) still in Boat Cove NT at 0755hrs. Park in Perranuthnoe and take coastal path west to view

NanjizalBlack-throated Thrush at Nanjizal Valley briefly at 0800hrs then flew North & no further sign. Keep to public right of ways. Dusky Warbler trapped & ringed. Also Red-breasted Flycatcher and Yellow-browed Warbler (10)

Porthgwarra – Wholly unconfirmed report of Blyth’s Pipit reported to land in fields to east of Porthgwarra. Richard’s Pipit (2) in meadow below Doctor’s Garden. Also Yellow-browed Warbler (5)

DavidstowBaird’s Sandpiper still at Davidstow Airfield near control tower this morning, still present at 1155hrs near control tower. Buff-breasted Sandpiper also still at 1710hrs. Also Merlin and Ring Ouzel 

The LizardPallas’s Warbler east of Housel Bay along lane to Bass Point

Falmouth – Pectoral Sandpiper at College Reservoir. Also Bittern. Common Tern (juv) still at Argal Reservoir

SennenRichard’s Pipit in field by Mayon Farm from footpath at 1135hrs. Siberian Chiffchaff by Esther’s Field Holiday Cottage mid morning, Wryneck Sennen opposite school

PendeenWryneck still at Pendeen this evening. Also Whinchat and Hooded Crow still at Lighthouse. Yellow-browed Warbler still in churchyard, in pines by graves just south of car park at 1630hrs. Also Redstart. Ring Ouzel nearby at Levant

Yellow-browed Warbler, Pendeen Churchyard, A.Hugo

Yellow-browed Warbler, Pendeen Churchyard, A.Hugo

SaltashGreat White Egret at Kingsmil Lake early evening then flew down Tamar (cbwps)

Lands End – Yellow-browed Warbler (3) still at Land’s End. Also Whinchat (5) and Tree Pipit

Porthgwarra –  Yellow-browed Warbler (2), 1 at Trevean and 1 at 60 Foot Cover. Also Ring Ouzel

Padstow – Yellow-browed Warbler (2) at Hawker’s Cove in willows opposite Mariners friend. Park at Lellizzick and walk to view (Thanks S.Grose)

BudeYellow-browed Warbler (2) in trees along road on right just before NT car park at 0945hrs (Thanks A.Roberts)

Polgigga – Yellow-browed Warbler at Polgigga, Yellow-browed Warbler at Raftra Farm

Nanquidno – Yellow-browed Warbler still in Nanquidno Valley in sycamores below Nanjulian Farm. Also Whinchat (4), Hobby and Merlin

Plain-an-GwarryYellow-browed Warbler (cbwps)

MarazionYellow-browed Warbler still by standing stone at Marazion Marsh RSPB

St Just – Yellow-browed Warbler still in Kenidjack Valley in 2nd donkey paddock at 1240hrs. Firecrest (3) in Cot Valley (Thanks N.Beasley)

RameShort-eared Owl and Pied Flycatcher at Rame Head (Thanks D.Allan)

Pied Flycatcher, Rame, D.Allan

Pied Flycatcher, Rame, D.Allan

Zennor – Hen Harrier (ringtail) on White’s Down

RockMed Gull (52) over sand dunes (Thanks D.Julian)

Kennack SandsBrent Goose this evening (cbwps)

LiskeardRing Ouzel flew over (Thanks D.Julian)


Thursday 6th October 2016 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Perranuthnoe – Hudsonian Whimbrel in Boat Cove NT at 1300hrs. Park in Perranuthnoe & take coastal path west to view

PenzanceCaspian Tern over Jubilee Pool until 1735hrs then flew towards St.Michaels Mount & lost to view

Davidstow – Baird’s Sandpiper still at Davidstow Airfield on pool near control tower at 1455hrs. Buff-breasted Sandpiper still at Davidstow Airfield at 0930hrs by pools on central runway near control tower

St Just – Red-breasted Flycatcher at Kenidjack Valley in trees beyond large green shed with no parking sign. Also Firecrest (2). Yellow-browed Warbler at Cot Valley

NanjizalGreat White Egret (7) NW of Nanjizal Valley in field. View from Higher Bosistow to Trevilley footpath

Lands EndWryneck (2) at Land’s End

NanquidnoWryneck still at Nanquidno Valley. Yellow-browed Warbler & Pied Flycatcher also

Botallack – Wryneck at Botallack Head by coastal path 20 yards south of trig point

Gwithian – Rose-coloured Starling (juv) on wires at campsite at 0845hrs

Pendeen – Possible Icterine or Melodious Warbler in cottage garden briefly this afternoon . Also Wryneck, Yellow-browed Warbler (2) and Ring OuzelRichard’s Pipit in field right of white cottages on road to lighthouse

Sennen – Yellow-browed Warbler (2) at Sennen

The Lizard Yellow-browed Warbler in trees by bridleway to Kynance Road. Ring Ouzel (2) and Yellow-browed Warbler at Kynanace Cove

St Ives – Balearic Shearwater (12) flew past St.Ives Island between 07:30-08:30

Marazion Little Stint on beach at Red River mouth this evening