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Wednesday 12th July 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Cattle Egret (C.Selway)

WalmsleyCattle Egret (3) still this evening at Walmsley, plus 5 Green Sandpiper, 1 Ringed Plover. 1 Dunlin. 1 Black-Tailed Godwit, 6 Common Teal and two Gadwall broods (6 and 3 ducklings) (Thanks C.Selway) I

CreanBee-eater on telephone wire above woods. Clearly visible, then flew toward St. Buryan. (Thanks N.Milligan)

Sunday 21st May 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Connor DownsBee-eater at Treeve Lane in horse paddock on wires at 1715hrs, still present at 1825hrs showing well and feeding, then flew NE and lost to view at 1847hrs.

WadebridgePectoral Sandpiper at Amble Marshes this afternoon

Nightjar at undisclosed site in Cornwall (Thanks J.Chapple)

Kennack SandsWhimbrel with eight Oystercatchers at Kennack Sands today (Thanks F.Trewin)

Sunday 14th May 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

SennenKentish Plover at Sennen Cove on beach this morning then flew towards Lands End

PolgiggaBee-eater (2+) flew over this morning

ProbusPurple Heron (ad) still in garden by Tresillian River

PorthgwarraIceland Gull (juv) at Porthgwarra Cove

no sign of Red-rumped Swallow at Marazion

Saturday 30th August 2014 Cornwall Bird Sightings

The LizardLESSER YELLOWLEGS (juv) at Croft Pascoe Pool this morning, still present late afternoon. Wood Sandpiper also at Croft Pascoe Pool

WadebridgeBEE-EATER (2) flew north over Wadebridge this morning

Pendeen – Great Shearwater (7), Cory’s Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater (20), Balearic Shearwater (4), Arctic Skua (4), Pom Skua, Whimbrel (3), Sandwich Tern (30), ‘Comic’ Tern (259), Black Tern (10) and Storm Petrel flew past Pendeen Watch between 0645-1015hrs (Thanks D.Flumm)

PorthgwarraHooded Crow at Roskestal Farm. Sooty Shearwater (4), Manx Shearwater (20,000) and Black Tern past Porthgwarra

Carbis Bay – unconfirmed report of Sabine’s Gull (juv) flew west past Carbis Bay

Bodmin MoorYellow Wagtail at Siblyback Lake. Swift (2) flew high SW. Also White Wagtail (3) with Pied Wagtail flock. (Thanks A.Robinson)

Friday 16th May 2014 Cornwall Bird Sightings

WadebridgeTEREK SANDPIPER at Walmsley Sanctuary at 1130hrs, still present this evening, for 2nd day. Parking recommended donation £2, in field (with banner on gate) by bridge. Park to right on higher ground. Close gates as sheep are in the fields.

PolgiggaBEE-EATER flew east over Polgigga at 1805hrs. BLACK KITE (4) near Polgigga this morning. Also HONEY BUZZARD (2) and Red Kite (71). COMMON CRANE flew north over at 1530hrs. GREAT WHITE EGRET flew North over Polgigga

SennenBLACK KITE near Brew Pool at 0820hrs. Also Red Kite

PendeenBLACK KITE flew over Pendeen at 0915hrs. Also Red Kite (44). Osprey flew east over North Inn campsite at 0900hrs being mobbed by gulls (Thanks C.Morter)

St Buryan - BLACK KITE in field early morning. Also Red Kite (18)

St JustBLACK KITE flew east over Kelynack at 1300hrs. Red Kite (12) drited north over to the west of the village at 0910hrs, then at 0938hrs (71) flew south towards Lands End (Thanks D.Flumm)

PenzanceBLACK KITE flew over town. Also Red Kite (4) (cbwps)

HayleCOMMON CRANE circled over Hayle Estuary RSPB at c1630hrs then flew towards Hayle (Thanks B.Dallas)

VentonleagueCOMMON CRANE flew NE over at 1635hrs. Also Red Kite (3) over (Thanks J Rutter)

Falmouth - Red Kite (8) flew north over Messack Close (Thanks A.Williams). Red Kite (7) drifted east over Falmouth Police Station between 1330-1400hrs (P.Freestone). Red Kite (2) flew in off sea (Thanks AK Wildlife Cruises). Red Kite (4) over College/Argal reservoirs area viewed from Tremough Campus (Thanks M.Silk). Black-throated Diver (2) off Pendennis Point. Also Wheatear (fem). Bottlenose Dolphin (5)  in Carrick Roads. Black-throated Diver (2) and Diver sp. (7+) off Maenporth (Thanks D.Chaney)

GulvalRed Kite (7) near Gulval over Polkinghorne farm (Thanks D.Robinson)

FeockRed Kite (7) flew over Feock at 1415hrs (Thanks K.Dalziel)

St LevanRed Kite (3) at Raftra at 0830hrs (Thanks A.Hickley)

Godolphin - Red Kite (2) flew over Godolphin Hill at 1230hrs. Also Cuckoo (Thanks J.St Ledger)

IlloganRed Kite (2) flew over at 1000hrs (cbwps)

Saltash – Red Kite flew west over Trematon at  c1115hrs (Thanks T.Bryant)

Sancreed - Red Kite over Sancreed between 17:10-17:20hrs (Thanks D.Flumm)

St Erth - Red Kite flew north over at 1700hrs (Thanks K.Bannister))

St IvesRed Kite and Cuckoo (3) at Buttermilk Hill. Red Kite over St Ives town. Buzzard (14) at Trendrine Hill (Thanks V.Stratton)

ZennorNightjar (2) (Thanks V.Stratton)

Nanjizal -  Little Ringed Plover flew over Faraway Cottage (cbwps)

Antony - Turtle Dove at Anthony Passage by quarry at Churchtown NR at 0715hrs