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Please fill in the form below with your sightings of rare and scarce birds in Cornwall, please include species name(s), location, date and time. These will be added to our daily bird reports on the website.

Cornwall Birding supports Bird Information supplied by Rare Bird Alert and we would encourage you to phone in or text your sightings to RBA on 020 7038 2820 or text 07624800479

Cornwall Birding is happy to accept Images and articles relating to birding in Cornwall (or whatever else as long as its to do with Birdwatching) Images to be sent as JPEGs please. Use the form below to send your text and please send images if required to with your full name in the subject line.

We are still happy to receive reports of Birds of Prey and schedule 1 birds for our data records but during the breeding season we will not be publishing them on the website due to possible nest disturbance etc.

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14 thoughts on “Report a Sighting

  1. Ian Matthews

    I tried to submit a rare bird sighting but could not submit it because I don’t
    know what a CAPTCHA is. Please can you help?
    Ian Matthews

  2. Admin

    Hi Ian,
    Above the CAPTCHA text box there should be a small image with some letters and numbers in, type these (exactly as shown, case sensitive) into the box below it where specified and that should send the message. Its just a spam prevention measure
    Hope this helps

  3. Derek Mays

    Lesser Whitethroat still present at 15.45,a most dusky individual.
    Many thanks to your good selfs and the reporters for cheering up a pretty rainy day.

  4. Darren Evely

    Lesser Scaup, GN Diver & Scaup still at Siblyback lake. Also Goldeneye (drake) & Goosander (fem).

  5. Andrew H

    Looe Beach

    Drake Eider Duck on the beach at Looe, early this morning. 1st January 2013

    Regards Andrew H

  6. Sarah Mitchel

    My little boy was excited to spot a common Eider (drake) today on Looe beach. 12/04/15. @11am still there when we left at 3pm

  7. Robert Copeland

    Your CAPTCHA is not working.
    YBwarbler showing brilliantly today by pond next to cafe at tehidy.

  8. Stu Bearhop

    Hi Paul

    Captcha code seems not to be working… Just reporting a Red Kite over Penryn today at 1230pm. Circling for about 5 mins and slowly drifting towards Falmouth

  9. Stu Bearhop

    Hi Paul

    Me again.. sorry captcha does not seem to work on my phone. Male hobby flying south on the coast path between Poldhu and Gunwalloe 1345 and a marsh harrier hunting in Poldhu reed bed at 1415 today (20th)

    Hope all is well


  10. Stu Bearhop

    Sorry me again, just read this and of course the hobby was an ‘adult’ not a ‘male’… last you will hear from me on this.

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