Wednesday 9th April 2008 – Cornwall Bird Reports

Todays Birding highlights in Cornwall include:

The Lizard – *BLACK-WINGED STILT* (3) still this morning on Ruan Pool at Windmill Farm Reserve. Please approach carefully and be quiet at the hides Also PURPLE HERON dropped into wooded stream on western boundary at 11.45hrs and Garganey (2). BLACK GUILLEMOT past Lizard Point 11.40 – 12.40hrs. Also Puffin (3) and GN Diver.


BW Stilts on the Lizard (photos:M.Sallis)


Garganey at Walmsley Sanctuary today (photos:C.Selway)

Drift – *CATTLE EGRET*(15) still in fields north of reservoir.

NanjizalSERIN flew over valley this afternoon.

WadebridgeGarganey at Walmsley Sanctuary this morning (thanks C.Selway)

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  1. admin Post author

    And a Black Gilly past today too. Good day on the Lizard today! Nothing found further west ‘cos everyone is on the Lizard?

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