Wednesday 4th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

StithiansRING-NECKED DUCK (drk) on small private pool north of Stithians reservoir

St AustellRING-NECKED DUCK (drk) at Par Beach Pool still at 1317hrs

SennenHOOPOE still along track to Brew Pool sewage works tho elusive. Access east of A30 along track juts north of Seaview Holiday Park. Black Redstart at Sennen Cove this afternoon

The LizardHOOPOE reported at Kennack Sands late afternoon

FalmouthHobby flew north over this afternoon (Thanks D.Chaney)

St IvesRing Ouzel (5, 2 m+3f) at Buttermilk Hill this morning (Thanks V.Stratton)

Ring Ouzel, St Ives, 040412, (V Stratton)

Camel EstuaryPuffin at Outer estuary this morning (Thanks C.Selway)

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 4th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

  1. Ironingman

    Please can you tell me whereabouts in St Ives Buttermilk Hill is, and how do you access it, and the best place to park?
    Thank you!

  2. Ironingman

    Great!!! Thanks a lot! I know where it is, though I didn’t know that was Buttermilk Hill.
    If I take my telescope, will I be able to see the penguins flying over to their April roost on Hayle Estuary?

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