Tuesday 13th January 2015 Cornwall Bird Sightings

SaltashAMERICAN WIGEON (male) atĀ Kingsmill lake. Also Avocet (210), Dunlin (119) and Oystercatcher (44) (Thanks P.Kemp)

Bodmin Moor – LESSER SCAUP (male) at Dozmary Pool. GN Diver at Colliford Reservoir

PenzanceGN DIver (6+), Slav Grbe and Eider (male) off Chyandour. GN Diver (2) off Jubilee Pool

GwithianSnow Bunting (2) at St Gothian Sands

PenrynYellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest still at Gorrangorras Sewage works

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