Tamar Birdwatching Cruise Osprey Special

Join the staff on a one off cruise on Sunday 2nd September 2012 to search for an Osprey on the Rivers Tamar and Lynher. Ospreys regular pass through the area on migration to their wintering grounds in west Africa and will stop off at suitable sites to refuel before continuing. Last year an Osprey called Tore, which hatched at Loch Garten remained in this area for three weeks. Early September is the peak time to see an Osprey in the Tamar Valley and we have arranged this late afternoon trip to coincide with the rising tide when an Osprey may be out fishing. Full details and a booking form are available on the Tamar Birdwatching Cruise website. Early booking is advised as there will only be one Osprey cruise this autumn. Details of the winter birdwatching cruises are also now available on the website.

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