Sunday 17th June 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

St Just*IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF* still in copse by engine shed at top end of Kenidjack Valley at 0735hrs (CB Reports)

The Lizard – possible *LITTLE SWIFT* flew south over Lizard village at 2130hrs. Pom Skua (3), Balearic Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater (2), Great Skua (4) and Med Gull past Lizard Point. Wheatear (male) on near Pigeon Ogo cliff near Kynance Cove(Thanks D.Hall and M.Grantham)

PorthgwarraBalearic Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater (3), Storm Petrel (22), Great Skua (2), Arctic Skua (2) and Risso’s Dolphin (2) past Gwennap head between 0730-midday

St IvesCuckoo and Peregrine (2) at Rosewall Hill this morning (CB Reports)

4 thoughts on “Sunday 17th June 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

  1. Geoffrey McMullan


    Would it be possiable to give a more detailed discription of this location? I live in Barnstaple and I have no idea where the engine shed is.

    St Just – *IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF* still in copse by engine shed at top end of Kenidjack Valley at 0735hrs (CB Reports)

    Many thanks


  2. Admin

    Hi Geoff, the engine shed is the first building you get to on your right as you drive down Kenidjack valley. It is private parking there so might be advisable to park in the pull in on your right as you first enter the valley. The enginge shed is an old corrugated iron constructrion, you can’t miss it. If you find the water treatment works on your left then you’ve gone too far! The chiffchaff is usually in the copse to your left as you face the engine shed. You will no doubt hear it before you see it. Good Luck.

  3. Graeme Willetts

    Thank you… I’d been wondering too and have been down there twice with no luck, as I had no idea where this engine shed was. I did hear an unusual bird call near the entrance not far from where i parked so maybe that was indeed the bird although i didn’t see it. I shall have to have a look there tomorrow evening after work in hopes for pics.

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