RSPB Scillonian III Seabird Trips

Join the RSPB guides on a return trip (Fridays only until October 17th) on the Scillonian lll, to look for gannets, guillemots and other seabirds, as it crosses to the island of St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly. Departs Penzance 9.15 am (6.30 am Fri 2 May). Trip time 2 hours 40 min. Return sailing departs 4.30 pm (5 pm Fri 2 May). Quote RSPB membership number at time of booking to receive discount price – £25. Non discount price £35. Contact Isles of Scilly Travel, 0845 710 5555

3 thoughts on “RSPB Scillonian III Seabird Trips

  1. Bernard Harrison

    When I checked the availability dates in early June I was told that (a) the trips are now on Saturdays, and (b) there are only one or two such trips during the season. So – check it out with the steamship company before travelling!

  2. Paul Roberts

    I have just seen the comment from B Harrison, in fact the RSPB guides are on the Scillonian every friday and the discounted price for RSPB members is available.

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