Reporting your Sightings

The bird reports on this site are collated from a number of different sources including national bird news providers. We always try to be as accurate as we can with our daily news and the best way to ensure this happens is to receive the news directly from the observer. Please do not be offended if a bird you see is then alleged to have been re-identified by someone else and we report as such having got the news from a national source. If you want the news to be accurate then report it to us directly. We are aware that this has happened recently and apologise if the finder was in any way offended.

One thought on “Reporting your Sightings

  1. Michael Hellier

    Red Kite spotted flying next to A30 while driving on the A30 west of Launceston near Fivelanes at approximately 5.15pm on Sunday 15 June

    Definitely a Red Kite as I have seen many in Wales and had a very good view of this one in clear sunny conditions.

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