Common Scoter at Swanpool

For those not already aware, there is currently a very obliging drake Common Scoter at Swanpool, Falmouth. Birders have noted some unusual behaviour from the bird, not least that it has been coming to bread! It has also endured some grief from the local Coots, one of which was seen chasing the Scoter which had to dive to escape the attack. The bird is reported to be in good health, although the Surf Scoter in Newlyn harbour a few years ago also appeared to be okay and became quite approachable, but eventually died! Due to it’s tameness, the Scoter has afforded our regular photographers a great opportunity to take images of a usually distant seabird! Thanks to Steve Rogers, Monty Curtis, David King and Andrew Nicholson for the images below and to all those who reported the birds presence at Swanpool.

Common Scoter, Swanpool (S.Rogers)

Common Scoter, Swanpool 270313 (A.Nicholson)

Common Scoter, Swanpool (D.King)

Common Scoter, Swanpool 270313 (M.Curtis)

2 thoughts on “Common Scoter at Swanpool

  1. Paul Mallett

    Always appreciative of interesting bird photography, and these Scoter photos are excellent! Thank you for posting them.

  2. Rex Harper

    Ref the drake Scoter as Swanpool.
    I maybe wrong but having handled many of these birds in the past it appears to me that there could be some oil on its wings; also it may be blind in one eye . Both factors could account for its tameness and it being loath to leave the lake. Scoters being very much flock birds do not usually leave the company of their own kind.
    These observations are taken from the excellent photos.

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