Collins,Birds of the Palearctic

Occasionally, i buy a book about birds without thinking much about it. This one was a fathers Day present. At first and having not read the introduction, i went straight to the first page of Plates. These were extemely well done but of brightly coloured Pittas, flycatchers and minivets. My initial thoughts were, “I’m never going to use this book”. Having then picked it up a few days later and read the introduction explaining what the book was about, i will definitely be using it, practically and eagerly await the second Non-passerine volume.I would liken this book to the Macmillan Field Guide in the way it can be used. The plates are set in such a way that similar species are together and therefore easy to separate. The text is nicely written in almost layman terms and tells you all the salient identification points you NEED to know without the other waffle that would confuse you even more! My particular favourites are the plates containing the American Wood Warblers and the Shrikes. Both of which will be useful in Cornwall and when visiting the Scillies. The book is certainly a welcome addition to my collection and will be with me on the Scillies this October.Birds of the Palearctic: Passerines (Collins Field Guide)

Collins Field Guide – Birds of the Palearctic: Passerines (N.Arlott) RRP.£25 Buy this book from Amazon Books. ( ISBN 978-0-00-714705-2

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