Blog of the Month

Welcome to a new feature on Cornwall Birding. With so many birders having their own superb personal Blogs now it seems pertinent that we give them the publicity they deserve. We do have a few on our links page already, but will be adding more as we feature them here. So first up is Oxford based Adam Hartley’s new blog, Pendeen Birding. Adam is a regular contributor to Cornwall Birding and his Blogger profile states: “I used to be a birder in my youth but rather lost interest in my teens as other things became more interesting. However recently I’ve rediscovered this interest and have become quite keen or “obsessed” is how my very lovely wife puts it. As well as two older daughters I have a three year old son whom I often take birding with me in his all-terrain push chair. I endeavour to take photos whenever possible mostly through digiscoping“.

Th blog has reccent photos and video of Heligans Green Heron, the Sennen Buff-breasted Sandpiper and Newlyn Snow Bunting.

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