Monthly Bird Review – September 2008

The Melodious Warbler remained faithful to 60 ft cover, Porthgwarra and it (or another) was still there at the months end. An Osprey showed well in a dead tree at Ruan Lanihorn on 2nd and five Grey Palaropes flew past Pendeen. Seawatching on the 3rd produced a Great Shearwater at Porthgwarra and Sabines Gull at Pendeen. Elsewhere, Wrynecks were at Lands End and Porthgwarra. Porthgwarra saw three Cory’s and a Great Shearwater pass by on the 4th. A report of two Red-necked Phalarope on the Hayle Estuary was thought to be erroneous. A Buff-breasted Sandpiper was seen on the Estuary at Hayle briefly on the 5th and there were two Wrynecks at Lands End. Sabines Gulls were at St Ives and Hannafore on the 6th. The birds showed well at both sites with the two birds at St Ives seen attempting to fly over the town itself at one point and the Hannafore bird showed well on rocks.

A Barred Warbler was trapped and ringed at Nanjizal on the 7th-10th and a Dotterel was at Trevose Head. Dotterels were also at Nanjizal and Sennen on the 8th and a Corncrake flew from the dried up pool at Porthgwarra. A Buff-breasted Sandpiper was at Davidstow Airfield on the 9th and was joined by another bird on the 18th. The birds showed well for most of the month providing photograhers with some superb images. A Golden Oriole was at Nanjizal briefly on 10th and a Buff-breasted Sandpiper took up residence at nearby Polgigga on the 11th. Seawatching on the 11th saw excepional numbers of Grey Phalaropes reported from Sennen with over a hundred birds on the sea off Cowloe and more than sixty birds passed Pendeen. Leach’s Petrels were off St Agnes Head and Pendeen.

One or more Temmincks stints were at Treraven Meadow, Wadebridge on the 12th and one was still there on the 13th when another was at Walmsley Santuary. The latter site also held two Pectoral sandpipers on the same day and a Melodious Warbler was at Pistal Meadow, The Lizard. A Red-backed Shrike was at Goonhilly Downs, The Lizard on the 14th. The Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Polgigga was joined by a Tawny Pipit briefly on th 15th and Nanjizal held Melodious Warbler and Corncrake. A Wryneck was at Church Cove, The Lizard and a Dotterel flew east past Marazion. A Marsh Warbler was reported at Lands End where Wryneck and Short-eared Owl were also present. Cornwalls third ever Greenish Warbler was found at Pendeen on 16th and proved hard to see at times. It was not seen again after the 17th.

A Purple Heron flew over Nanjizal on 17th and may well have been the bird reported from the Scillies a few days earlier. Nanjizal also held a Red-breasted Flycatcher and nearby a 1st cal Rose-coloured Starling was at St Leven Church. A Melodious Warbler was at Porthcurno. Two Dotterel were at Kynance on 17th and a Corncrake was flushed from Trevorian Pool, Sennen.  The juv Rose-coloured Starling relocated to Lands end and an adult was at Treen. A Honey Buzzard flew over Nanjizal in the morning. A Western Bonelli’s Warbler was on private land at Nanjizal on the 18th and a Red-backed shrike was at Carminow Creek, Helston.

The Buff-breasted Sandpipers (2) at Davidstow Airfield were joined by two Pectoral Sandpipers on the 18th and a Honey Buzzard flew over The Lizard. Wrynecks were at Kenidjack, Lands End and Porthgwarra. Honey Buzzards were over Newquay, Wadebridge and The Lizard (2) on the 19th and Ospreys were at Porth reservoir and on the River Tamar.  A Melodious Warbler was at Kenidjack Valley and a Tawny Pipit was at the east end of Cot Valley. An Ortolan Bunting flew south of Bosistow Farm late morning. An interesting ‘Acro’ warbler was discovered at Nanquidno on the 20th and its true identity still remains a mystery at the months end.

A Great Northern Diver in summer plumage was at Looe Harbour on 20th and the first Yelllow-browed Warbler of the Autumn was at Swingates House, Lands End on 22nd. Another 1st Cal. Rose-colured starling was on The Lizard and a Wryneck was at Mayon Cliffs, Sennen. A Pectoral Sandpiper was at Crowdy reservoir on the 24th and a Yellow-browed Warbler was at Helsto Loe Pool. Prolonged easterly winds brought in a Red-throated Pipit at Rame Head on 25th and an interesting report of a possible Trumpeter Finch at Kenidjack. Neither bird could be relocated despite extensive searching. A Lapland Bunting was at Lands End.

A Tawny Pipit was at Cleave Cliffs, Bude on 26th and a Yellow-browed Warbler was in Chapel Gardens, St Agnes. Two Dippers were at the Red River Valley Park, Camborne. A possible Azorean Yellow-legged Gull was in fields at Sennen on the 27th and a Quail was at Rame head. Elsewhere, two Yellow-browed Warblers were at Nanquidno. The autumn felt like it had really arrived on the 28th with Red-breasted Flycatchers at Praa Sands and Rame Head and single Yellow-browed Warblers at six different locations. A Honey Buzzard and a Goshawk were seen over St Ives during the morning and a Wryneck was at Pendeen. A Fieldfare was at Wadebridge and possible Marsh Warblers were still at Lands End and Nanquidno. Another Red-breasted Flycatcher, this time at Cot Valley was present on the 29th and Yellow-browed Warblers were at Porthgwarra, Porthcurno and St Levan (2). A Temminck’s Stint was at Dinham Flats Sewage works and Richards Pipit was at Higher Bosistow Farm, Polgigga. The last day of the month was a quiet one with only a Leach’s Petrel off Pendeen of note.

P.Feestone (c) Cornwall Birding 2008

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