Your Support Needed again please!!

Many of you will remember that Cornwall Birding supported an application for Sainsbury’s to build a new store and Nature Reserve at Marsh Lane, Hayle a few years ago. That application was removed due to the new Sainsbury’s at Penzance. Since then the reed bed area at the back of Macdonald’s has continued to deteriorate and with no management, become worthless Willow scrub. The company have now applied for planning to build a small retail park on the south side of that area which is currently just wasteland made up of excess aggregates left over from when the A30 was built. That planning application also includes the enhancement and regeneration on the reed bed and landscaping of a new Nature Reserve that will include public hides, viewing platforms and three lagoons aimed at attracting water birds. This area, once constructed, will have its own management team, as anyone with any wildlife knowledge will know, reed beds need management. Left to their own devices they generally dry out and become scrub.

We of course, fully support this application and encourage our readers to do the same.  Please have a look at the plan below:

Marsh Lane Nature Reserve

and then go to the link below to leave your comment of SUPPORT.

Many thanks in advance

Cornwall Birding Team.

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