The Biking Birder – An Epic Journey

Gary Prescott is at present a 53 year old special needs teacher but next year will face an exciting challenge:

“In 2010 Gary will visit every RSPB [Royal Society for the Protection of Birds] and WWT [Wildfowl & Wetland Trust, based at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire] nature reserve, following a route that almost circumnavigates the coastline of the United Kingdom; over 5,000 miles. This has never been done before by any means of transport but he will be doing this almost exclusively by bicycle, together with a few boats! He looking to promote birdwatching in general and obviously promote what he is doing next year. It is hoped that his efforts will raise the profile of our wonderful interest and especially hoped that birders will be encouraged to take GREEN transport when birding. Gary will also be attempting to break the current non-motorised year list record held by Chris Mills. 

The journey will start on January 1st 2010 at Sandwell Valley RSPB reserve near Birmingham; continuing onto just outside Oxford at Otmoor and ending by returning to Sandwell Valley sometime after Christmas 2010.

Gary’s main reason for doing this is to raise awareness of the terrible effects that future climate change could bring. We as birders have seen over the years bird populations change with losses and gains and we have been in a position to see the growing effects of climate change. Other reasons include the raising of funds for 3 charities; namely the RSPB, the WWT and Asthma UK. Gary has asthma, as do 5 million other people in Britain. Please consider sponsoring Gary next year.

Gary’s website is to be found at

Gary B.Prescott The Biking Birder 2010

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4 thoughts on “The Biking Birder – An Epic Journey

  1. Sandy Bell

    Sounds like a great venture Gary. I think I’ve missed my chance to put you up in Bournemouth, which I would have liked but maybe we can arrange something for later in your journey when I’ve seen your itinerary. Talk to you soon.

  2. luke henderson

    hello mr prescott hope you are wrell and journey going ok we all miss you at school and looking forward to seeing you again when you come back keep up good work

  3. tudor williams

    Met gary today 3/5/10.early morning at the RSPB reserve at Pentre Berw Anglesey.Had a long chat while he told of his very interesting project and journey.When you get time to read this message Gary,all the best and good luck. Tudor

  4. Keith Duckers

    Good to see you @ Inner Marsh Farm the other night.
    Hope it was not too cold for you that night.
    Good luck for epic journey.


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