Swan Attacked at Copperhouse Creek

The graphic pictures below show just what an out of control dog can do to a bird. This Mute Swan was one of five on the SSSI at Copperhouse Creek when three Springer Spaniels were left to their own devices by their owner. Two of the dogs were called back but one remained, running around the east end of the marsh and finally catching and mauling the Swan causing these horrific injuries. The bird was later put down  by a local vet. This is the seventh Swan to be killed on the estuary in four months. The RSPB, Natural England and Police Wildlife Crimes Officers are holding a meeting next week to see what can be done to combat the Dog problems on the estuary.




Photos by P.Freestone (Cornwall Birding Images 2008)

2 thoughts on “Swan Attacked at Copperhouse Creek

  1. Henry Cook

    Horrific photos there Paul. I agree something has to be done about that urgently. Can the owner of the dogs be prosecuted at all?
    Thanks. Henry.

  2. Stan Christophers

    Sadly, this type of incident is inevitable given the RSPB’s attitude to dogs. The problem of dogs running uncontrolled across the reserve at Hayle was highlighted in a letter to the RSPB four or five years ago. The first letter went unacknowledged, so a second letter was sent. The eventual response, from the Exeter office, was utterly dismissive, so mush so that the writer withdrew their membership of the RSPB.
    I often question the purpose and aims of the RSPB given their attitude in supporting the cull of Ruddy Ducks, their overt condemnation of British breeding Eagle Owls and their support for licensed wildfowling on RSPB reserves in the south of England.
    This is in no way a criticism of the local RSPB workers ‘on the ground’.

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