SPOONBILL, Hayle Estuary. A brief History.

You may have noticed that the 2nd winter Spoonbill currently on the Estuary at Hayle is wearing rings on both upper tarsus. Both rings, one blue, one white have the ID L5 on. The following is this birds life history:


It was ringed as a 3 day old nestling at Schiermonnikoog Oosterkwelder, Netherlands on 25th May 2006. It remained in that area until it was 22 days old when it flew the 17km to Lauwersmeer Ezumakeeg, NL. It stayed in that area until the 30th July 2006. It was next recorded 14km away on the 11th August 2006 at Lauwersmeer Jaap Deensgat, NL where it was last seen on the 4th September. Spoonbill L5 then was not seen for over a month before being recorded on the River Taw at Barnstable, Devon on 10th October 2006, having travelled a distance of 755km. It was last recorded in Devon on 23rd October 2006. The bird was not seen again until 9th January 2007, when it was recorded back in the Netherlands at Ouddorp De Punt. Incredibly it was not seen again until it appeared here on the Hayle Estuary on 7th October 2007. Where has it been the last 9 months? The bird is 505 days old today!

Thanks to Simon Taylor for the link to this information and Kind regards to Otto Overdijk for allowing Cornwall Birding to publish his data. (Photos: M.Halliday, P.Freestone, J.H.Johns)

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