So who was Eleonora?

The county was blessed with a new bird last week in the form of an Eleonora’s Falcon, found at Porthgwarra by Jon Irvine.  But who was Eleonora? Heres a snippet of ornithological history for you, with thanks to Kate Dalziel.

“Eleanora of Arborea (c1350-1404) was the warrior-princess national heroine of Sardinia who passed enlightened legislation to protect birds of prey (although cynics might say that this was to keep them for the aristocracy alone). She died in 1404 ‘during an epidemic of the pest (plague)’ The falcon was first observed in Sardinia in 1830. Alberto Ferrero Della Marmora named it in her honour” . From the book Whose Bird? by Bo Boelens and Michael Watkins.

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