Recent Cornish BBRC Decisions

The British Birds Rarities Committee has accepted the PALLID SWIFT found by Camel Estuary birder, Colin Selway on 12th June 2007. (The day Cornwall Birding website was founded!) This constitutes the first accepted record for the County and is therefore added to the County List, bringing the species total to 420. A Black Duck found on 23rd May 2007 by J.Crozier at Colliford Lake was also accepted but was thought to be a returning previous bird. Not surprising is the acceptance of the very obliging White-billed Diver in Feb/March 2007, found by N.Casburn on the Hayle Estuary. A Little Shearwater off St Ives Island on 15th August 2007 found by B.Mellow, R.Wilkins et al has also been accepted. Cornwalls second Red-flanked Bluetail at Cot Valley on 3rd November 2007 found by J. Smart and a Desert Wheatear at Lands End on 17th October 2007 found by K.Dalziel (et al) were also accepted as was a Dark-eyed Junco in a garden at Illogan on 12th May ’07 (G.Mills).

Other accepted birds include: Black Stork on 8th August ’07 seen at numerous places in the west of the county; Glossy Ibis (7) at Cadgwith on 7th May ’07 (R.Wilkins et al) and the five birds on the Hayle Estuary on 24th April (L.Williams et al); Gyr Falcon at Stepper Point on 16th January 2007 (A.Davies et al); Laughing Gull on Hayle Estuary on 6th November 2005 (A&D Greensmith); Franklin’s Gulls at Hayle on 2nd March (C.Barnard) and Camel Estuary on 9th April ’07 (S.Votier); Bonepartes Gull at Helston LoePool in February ’05 (D.Parker) and another at Hayle Estuary in December ’06 (L.Williams) and Eastern Subalpine Warbler at Penlee on 16th April ’07 (C.Buckland et al). The majority of the Cattle Egrets submitted for Cornwall were accepted with only a few still in circulation.

The Pacific Diver(s) in Mounts Bay in March and November 2007 are still in circulation with the BBRC as is the report of an American Bittern nr Liskeard on 7th April 2006. Other birds currently still under consideration include: Black Kite nr Trethewey on 21st April 2005; Franklin’s Gull at Crowdy Reservoir 1st – 4th April ’07; The Cot Valley Humes Warbler remains in circulation at BBRC.

The possible Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Dinham Flats on 22nd September 2007 was not proven, so the 2004 Drift bird remains the only county record. An older record of Elegant Tern off St Ives in July 2002 was also unproven.

So all in all some good results for birders in Cornwall, with one resulting in an addition to the Cornish list. Well done to those with accepted records.

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