Quiet month in Cornwall.

June tends to be a quiet time for birding in Cornwall. The early part of the month can sometimes pull in a late spring migrant with Bee-eater and Red-backed Shrike on 5th June this year. Birders in Cornwall generally turn their attentions to breeding species at this time of year before the rush of sea-watching start in July. Breeding birds are well worth catching up with though, even if it just for the year list, with Nightjar, Dartford Warbler and, of course, Chough on the agenda. dart2.jpg

Dartford Warbler – Kynance Cove (Photo P.Freestone)

One thought on “Quiet month in Cornwall.

  1. Chris Buckland

    Nice shot there Paul were is is the best spot at Kaynace Cove to get to see them.Havenot been there for some years as i lived not far from the cove for a short time.

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