Osprey with Transmitter fitted

On Wednesday 3rd April 2013 an Osprey was seen flying north over Coombe Valley, Camborne by M.Lenney. The bird was fitted with an ariel and transmitter. It appears that this bird could be Red 8T a male osprey that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as an adult in 2009 in the highlands of Scotland. Whilst there is no definate proof that this is the bird seen in Cornwall, it was tracked via satellite on its return migration as far as southern Spain having travelled through east Africa and across the Straights of Gibraltar. It was last tracked on March 22nd, so could well have been the bird in Cornwall on 3rd April. It has now been seen back on it’s nest site in Scotland so if the transmitter appears to be broken, theres a fair chance that it was Red 8T! For the full story and some amazing tracker maps see Highland Foundation for Wildlife Website (Thanks to V.Webber for information)

Map showing route take by Red 8T (Highland Wildlife Foundation)

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