Only a few days left!

Enjoy wine? Want to sit back with a nice glass and save an ancient forest at the same time? Then we need you.

We need you to buy wine with natural corks. This is because natural cork is 100% sustainable and comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark is peeled by hand and remarkably will re-grow without harming the tree. The ancient cork woodlands are one of Europe’s last great forests. They support 10,000 plant and animal species, offset 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide helping us fight climate change, and the cork harvest employs 100,000 traditional livelihoods forming the economic and social backbone of many rural Mediterranean societies.

However, a shift to convenient screw top and plastic corks in wine bottles is putting the cork forests out of business leading to their ‘replacement’. There is serious concern that such deforestation could reach significant levels. However, The Cork Initiative – a local community – environmental group based here in Falmouth – has devised an experiment with which we can fight to save the ancient cork forests.

If you want to vote to save these ancient forests all you have to do is buy a bottle of wine with a natural cork! Importantly – For your vote to count you have to buy your wine in your local independent wine seller in Falmouth, Penryn, Mylor Bridge or Costantine – NOT the supermarkets (who were invited but declined) and it has to be in the next 7 days. There are lots of shops to choose from and are listed here: We are monitoring the sales and want to prove to wine manufacturers and vineyards that when people know about cork, its origins and the animals and people it supports people want wines with natural corks!

The natural cork in our wine bottles supports a whole world! Don’t let it slide into extinction. For more information see our website:

All the bottles are clearly labelled – they have natural twine around their neck and a diamond shape piece of cork with “Natural Cork” printed on them, and all are reasonably priced £3.50 – £7.

Never has there been a better time or excuse to buy a bottle! Buy one to keep until your next birthday, or the end of university exams, to share with a friend or as a present for family… whatever your excuse lets put ourselves on the map as the towns and villages that saved the cork in our wine and the ancient cork forests of the Mediterranean.

Please buy a bottle, and then tell a friend too!

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