October Updates.

Hoorah! October is finally upon us and brings with it the hope of decent birding and the chance of a Mega Yank! (Refering to an American Bird of course, no rude comments please!) We will be following the reports from the Scillies closely from now on and should hopefully have a regular daily update from the Islands on the website.

October will also see a change to the format of the website. We will appear wider on your screen, with bigger text and ‘tabs’ guiding you to the different pages on the website. We havent got rid of anything. Any of the pages that are not in the new tabs can be found just above the footer at the bottom of the front page. We hope you like it!

Thanks to all those that have bought a baseball cap from us. The profits (which are very small!) have been used for the upkeep of the website for the next two months. To the end of September we have had 99,164 visitors to Cornwall Birding, so we should be celebrating over the next few days! September the 1st saw a massive 444 visitors to the site, the 2nd highest daily count and 9,913 people visited the site over the whole month, which is why we went over our Broadband Width allowance again on the 29th. As the traffic to the site increases it obviously costs more to run. We are still therefore looking for sponsors/advertisors to help with running costs. Any ideas? We really do want to keep this a free site but would value peoples opinions on it becoming a subscription site, asking a minimal amount (say £2-£5) per year for full access? 

Anyway, thankyou for your continued support.

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