Lapwings Slaughtered in France.

There is a video doing the rounds on You tube that shows the slaughter of hundreds of Lapwing in France .If you want to see it go to:

or just put lapwing slaughter into You Tube.

It is so disturbing that we would hope that you could ask as many people to E-mail Commissioner Stavros Dimas stavros.dimas@ec.europa.euat the European Commission to ask him to enforce existing legislation to stop it – if you have blogs/websites, please consider highlighting the slaughter as the more people that oppose it then there is more chance of getting it stopped!.

2 thoughts on “Lapwings Slaughtered in France.

  1. Henry Cook

    Thanks for highlighting this shocking practice Paul. My e-mail is duely sent and I urge others to do so if in agreement with the horrific nature of what is happening.
    It would be good to hear more about the scale of the problem. Do any other sources contain further info?

  2. David Conlin

    The EU/EC published a management plan for the Lapwing in 2006 (I have this as pdf if anyone is interested). Unfortunately nothing has been done to curtail trapping and hunting of the species since then.

    Currently, there are open seasons for Lapwing in France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece. The available data suggest an annual harvest in the order of one million birds within the EU. In addition the eggs are harvested in one province of the Netherlands. France, Italy and Spain are responsible for more than 90% of the total lapwing kills in Europe.

    The Lapwing is not the only species which has rapidly declined but is still hunted in the EU. Other examples are Skylark, Snipe, Turtle-Dove, Curlew or Golden Plover.

    For those interested in detail I can provide a paper on hunting bags in the EU prepared a couple of years ago by CABS. The official bag figures are bad enough – those who have personal experience of illegal hunting will know that the real figures are much higher.

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