IRISHBIRDING WEBSITE has now been added to our links page. was initially launched back in 2000 to provide a nationwide web resource for birders in Ireland. With its comprehensive selection of features it provided bird news,photographs and topical articles of interest to Irish birders. As a forum for birders to publish news of sightings and rarity-photographs it proved to be highly popular and received widespread support from Irish birders and visiting birders from abroad.
At the end of 2005 other commitments and an imminent move abroad forced the original web master, Eugene Archer, to devote less time to the site but thankfully Joe Doolan acquired the rights to in 2007. It is now being relaunched in a new and much improved format. Created by professional web designers and utilising the latest web technology is now the most dynamic and interactive web resource available to birders in Ireland. It is of special interest to birders in Cornwall contemplating the seawatching season! A great website and our first link to birders across the Irish Sea.

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