Hayle Estuary Disturbance this Weekend

Dr Phil Smith is undertaking biological mapping of the entire Hayle Estuary to provide the RSPB with baseline data for the forthcoming Hayle Harbour Development. This will involve mapping the Enteromorpha and Salicornia beds at Lelant Water and the saltmarsh at Grigg’s Quay. Also at Copperhouse Creek where he will map the Spartina anglica clumps as well. Hopefully he will also look at intertidal invertebrate distributions as the RSPB want this information prior to any sluicing proposal as they are concerned the latter may affect the invertebrate populations.

Dr Smith is a well respected aquatic biologist who has done this work at other sites (incl Hayle in earlier years) and his wife, Professor Anne Smith may be accompanying him. The work is expected to take up to four days i.e. Sat-Tues and is a very important piece of work and will enable the RSPB to determine if any aspects of the Hayle Harbour Development (particularly sluicing) are having a detrimental impact or not.  The RSPB apologise in advance for any disturbance caused to your weekend birding on the Estuary. (per D.Flumm RSPB reserve Warden)

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