Are you keeping a county year list. Let us know here at Cornwall Birding. We would be happy to recieve your birding diary updates.

Okay i will start this one off too although i’m not actually doing a County Year List as such.

Paul Freestone – 156 sp. up to 22nd June (Highlights include: White-billed Diver, Franklin’s Gull, Pacific Diver, Surf Scoter, Bean Goose, Gyr Falcon, Yellow-browed Warbler, Spotted Sandpiper, Cirl Bunting) Latest year tick: Storm Petrel 26.06.07.

One thought on “COUNTY YEAR LISTERS….

  1. Paul Mallett

    What about a Garden year list? (including species seen or heard in or from the garden?) Actually my list this year isn’t very good due to the awful weather we’ve had over the summer months (during which my birdfeeder tree fell down in a gale!) But I’m up to 54 species up to now (29.8.07). 156 species seen in Cornwall this year just brings out the envy in me!

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