Colour-ringed Med Gulls update…..

Torpoint regular Chris Buckland has started the ball rolling with our request for your colour-ringed Med Gull sightings with two adult birds he photographed at Torpoint last winter. The bird in photograph 1. shows a white ring with 39w on its left leg and the bird in photograph 2. shows a Green ring with 36P on left leg.

1.copy-1-of-img_5876.jpg 2.img_5889.jpg

It will be interesting to see where these birds originate from.

One thought on “Colour-ringed Med Gulls update…..

  1. R.McCarthy

    Both birds were ringed in Belguim as pulli in 2002.
    36P on 4/6/02 and 39W on 26/5/02. These two can usually be seen around Devils Point, Plymouth.

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