BTO – Winter Blackcap Survey

As you may have noticed we have been getting regular sightings from gardens of overwintering Blackcaps in our county. The British Trust for Ornithology are currently (until end of January) undertaking a winter garden survey of Blackcaps. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete so get involved and follow the link below:

4 thoughts on “BTO – Winter Blackcap Survey

  1. Lesley

    Nice photo, but I do wish people would remove the mesh bags from the fatballs before hanging them up! I know it saves the hassle of buying a feeder, but I have heard of small birds getting claws and legs tangled in them. Please take them off and dispose of them before feeding the birds.

  2. Admin Post author

    Hi Lesley, the photo was actually taken in my garden in 2009. I have been using fat balls in nets for about 10 yrs and have never had any problems with birds feet and/or beaks getting tangled in them. I have also heard about this happening but have yet to see any evidence? I’ve also heard of birds getting feet stuck in the red nut bags, but again, never actually seen any evidence.



  3. Andrew

    I agree with Lesley, nice photo of the Blackcap except for the use of plastic mesh on the fat balls. I also have seen reports of birds being harmed by this plastic netting, damaged/trapped feet or tongues. Why take the risk?

  4. Admin Post author

    Hi Andrew. There are more birds killed by flying into windows each year or being hit by cars. Will you please remove your windows and stop driving your car please?? Why take the risk? Because the food I put out for the birds which no doubt saves many during cold periods far outways the amount that have been trapped or killed in my garden by fat ball bags (which is NIL by the way. Our local cats account for hundreds of birds in our area too. So until I see evidence of a bird getting killed by one I shall continue to use the bagged ones. As I said in my personal e-mail to you, I did have the fat balls in a specific fat ball feeder but a Jackdaw got its head stuck in it!!

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