BBRC 2007 Cornwall Decisions

Below is an extract from  BBRC; Report on Rare Birds in Great Britain 2007. British Birds, October 2008.
I have gleaned what the report says, just for mainland Cornwall.  S.Rogers.

Systematic list of accepted records for 2007:
Black Duck, Colliford Res. 23rd May.

White-billed Diver, Hayle Estuary, 25th February to 27th March.

North Atlantic Little Shearwater, St Ives, 15th August.

Cattle Egret, Sancreed, 18, 20th Nov to 31st Dec.  Sibleyback, four, 4th-12th Dec.  Halsetown, five, 22nd Dec to 17th Jan 2008.   Gannel Estuary, eight, 27th Dec to 6th Jan 2008.  Padstow, two, 27th Dec.
The unprecedented influx of Cattle Egrets in late 2007 was one of the highlights of the year.  Indeed, a pair bred in Somerset this year.  Cornwall next?  The main influx in the UK was centred on Cornwall with 40% of the records.

Black Stork, Redruth, St Just, Penzance and Sennen, 8th August.

Glossy Ibis, Helford Passage, 17, 20th April.  Lizard, seven, 21st April to 3rd May.  The latter were also seen at Hayle Kimbro, Lizard on 24th April.

Gyr Falcon, Stepper Point, juv white morph, 16th January to 12th March.

Long-billed Dowitcher, Hayle Estuary, Adult, 14th to 17th July.

Laughing Gull, (2006), Hayle Estuary, 1st Winter, 1st May.
Laughing Gull, (2005), Hayle Estuary, adult, 6th November.

Franklin’s Gull, Hayle Estuary, first winter, 2nd to 6th March.  Crowdy Res, adult, 1st to 4th April.  Camel Estuary, adult, 9th April.
Bonaparte’s Gull, (2006), Hayle Estuary, 1st winter, 3rd December.
Bonaparte’s Gull, (2005), Helston Park Lake, 11th Feb.
Hawk Owl, (1966), previously accepted but now considered not proven following a general review on this species.  The record was reassessed following a review to establish the racial identity of Hawk Owls on the British list.  Given the south westerly location, it was thought most likely to have been of the North American race.  But, when the record was examined, there was clearly not sufficient evidence to assign it to a race or indeed even to species.
Pallid Swift, Wadebridge, 12th June.
Red-flanked Bluetail, Cot Valley, 3rd November.
Siberian Stonechat, (2006), Bray’s Cott, Goonhilly Downs, 12th to 26th November.
Desert Wheatear, Land’s End, female, 17th October.
Subalpine Warbler, race S.c.albistriata, Eastern Subalpine Warbler, Penlee, nr Rame, male, 16th April.
Dark-eyed Junco, Illogan, 12th May. (photographed). 

List of 2007 records rejected:
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Dinham Flats, Wadebridge, 22nd September.
Elegant Tern, (2002), St Ives, 28th July.
References:  Adam Rowlands, Chairman, BBRC; Report on Rare Birds in Great Britain 2007.
Information extracted by Steve Rogers. October 2008.

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