Army Ornithological Society

A Cornish birder currently serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan recently purchased one of our Cornwall Birding baseball caps! To follow his, and other Army birding exploits have a look at the Army Ornithological Society’s website. Some mouthwatering locations and birds, although, personally, counting Sooty Tern chicks on the Ascension Islands would be prefferable to a tour in Afghan! Best Wishes to all our visitors currently serving with the forces abroad. And hope you got your cap Richard! Stay safe.

One thought on “Army Ornithological Society

  1. pat toms

    watching birds here in north down,has given me lot of pleasure,I remember my trip to belize,in 1981 or 82 so long ago now,30 years at least,and later a trip to oxfordshire at a reservoir,I wonder if there is anyone who still remembers this momentous trip?

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