‘Anti-Birder’ Manager again at The Old Quay House!

Once again the Old Quay House has a new manager in (Scottish Guy, don’t know his name) who is totally against birders using the car park to view the Hayle Estuary. He uses the excuse that the residents of the holiday lets attached to the pub have complained about the lack of privacy due to all the ‘big lenses and telescopes’. I dont think he realises that birders actually stop at that accommodation! If you know anyone that does can you actively encourage them not to!

3 thoughts on “‘Anti-Birder’ Manager again at The Old Quay House!

  1. John

    Ironic that the management are so concerned about the privacy of their guests being compromised by people with cameras. What, do you suppose, are the chances that they have cctv in the bar?

  2. Ian

    Sad to say my friend and I had a run in with him this morning. He used the above excuse and that we should have gone in and brought a coffee first etc. There is now a sign up saying customer car park only! I am wondering if its worth contacting a few old work mates at the RSPB and informing them. As there is a hide in the pub garden?

  3. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comments Ian. The Hide in the Pub Garden was pulled down years ago by the previous owner! So is he saying it is okay to use the car park if you buy a coffee first? Thats the first time Ive heard that one. I understand he is running a business but he will surely lose customers once everyone finds out that he doesnt allow use of the car park unless you buy something first.

    Cheers Paul (Cornwall Birding)

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