Another New Look…………

We have had varying comments regarding the new look website, mostly positive but also plenty of constructive critisism! Unfortunately, the one previous to the one you see now was extremely high maintainance and took a lot of looking after so we have decided to revert back to a newer version of our original Cornwall Birding theme. We hope the changes have not inconvenienced any of you too much and also hope you like this version. We still have plenty of work to do to get it up to the standards that you have come to expect of Cornwall Birding so please bare with us as we go through this period of updating. The changes as expected came at a cost and we funded them through sales of our superb 2010 Rare and Scarce Bird Report. So thankyou to those who have purchased one and if you haven’t, but use this website regularly, then please think about buying one as you will be helping greatly towards the cost of keeping this website free, keeping the CBA membership free and contributing towards the printing costs of the 2011 Report which is currently being written ready for the end of september. See the Annual Report tab above for further details.

Thanks, Paul and Ash

14 thoughts on “Another New Look…………

  1. Ironingman

    Thanks for this update, Paul, and thank you for all your hard work trying to keep the website interesting, modern, relevant, (and easier to use than the previous test version!!)

    I look forward to many more happy hours browsing. I do like the clean look of this version so far.

    Off topic: By the way, has anyone else in Cornwall noticed a distinct lack of Greenfinches so far this year? I’ve heard they’re affected by a disease/parasite, but God forbid that they should die out completely.

    Cheers! Ironingman (You know who I am!!)

  2. Secretcornwall

    Hi Paul,

    I think the simple approach suits best, so well done for trying something new, and even better well done for knowing when something doesn’t quite work.

  3. Pete C

    Hi Paul & Ash
    Think you’ve done the right thing here – this is clear and less confusing than v2. Keep up the good work – and yes, I did buy the 2010 report!

  4. derek dennis

    looking good thank you all ps we still have some greenfinches in our garden c15 -20 at times

  5. Chris oates

    To Irongingman – Greenfinches are very rare here now – mostly killed by human kindness through the spread of Trichomonosis via infected feeding stations and bird baths.

  6. David Hall

    Delighted you have returned to a clearer, more traditional and less gimmicky
    format. Thanks to all involved in producing this excellent daily report.

  7. Admin Post author

    I like this new version of the blog site much better than the previous
    one. Much more ‘user friendly’ and visually more straightforward. Well
    HK via e-mail

  8. Admin Post author

    Just to say the new site (the one that went live on Saturday) is much
    better than the previous layout – much cleaner and easier to read, not
    to mention it loads much quicker. Plus no more irritating floating
    message that floats across the screen. Please don’t change it, you’re
    onto a winner 🙂
    GW via e-mail

  9. Admin Post author

    Just to say I like your latest version, it’s well layed out and clear
    and uncomplicated. Well done.
    LH via e-mail

  10. Paul Roberts

    Yes I have to agree with other comments , nice and clean easy to read, imparts all the relevant information, need it do any more.

  11. Andrew Phillips

    I just want to say that I much prefer this version. The previous one was too much like hard work. Ok, not that hard but you know what I mean.

    I check this site most days to see what I’m missing as I’m no longer in my native Cornwall. I have to content myself with hoopoes, rock buntings, spotless starlings and things of that ilk here in Spain.

    Can’t say I miss the plethora of birders though…. he he he

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