A Word of Thanks….

We have been asked to pass on our thanks to everyone for arranging such a well organised twitch at Nanjizal recently. Everyone was on their best behaviour allowing everyone an enjoyable experience and good views of the Alder Flycatcher. A copy of the e-mail is shown below:

“Hi, I want to express my thanks for Cornish birders for arranging access to Nanjizal to see the Alder Flycatcher. The sharing of news and arrangement of access, particularly on the second day when I visited, was very welcome. I realise that inviting large numbers of birders into the valleys is never easy but I would want locals to know that their flexibility and patience was much appreciated. I believe that many other visiting birders are equally as grateful.”

Tim Vaughan

One thought on “A Word of Thanks….

  1. Bob Henry

    I would like to echo the thoughts of Tim Vaughan and say the arrangement to view the Alder Flycatcherwas exceptional.
    Many thanks….Bob Henry

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