Chough feeding habitats: Your help is needed!

My name is Ali, a Conservation Biology student at the Penryn Campus, and I’m writing to you today as part of a student led group, The University of Exeter (UoE) Chough Project, because we need your help!

Chough (S.Rogers)

Chough (S.Rogers)

We are a group of third year students and academics who are conducting a field project all about the feeding habitat of the Cornish Chough. This involves a ground habitat survey every time we spot a feeding Chough, however, as I’m sure you are aware, they can be devilishly difficult to spot! We are only a group of 10 and so we’re writing today to ask if you can be a part of our mission to conserve the Cornish Chough by helping us collect as much data as possible?

All we need is a picture of a hungry chough feeding away and a quick description of where you spotted it, or even better a GPS reading or a marked location on an OS map/google maps! If you don’t manage to take a picture of the chough itself, then just a picture of the area you spotted it feeding in it would be great. This allows us to head out over the following days and collect the habitat data we need. You can contact us with your sightings through:

Our Facebook group:
Our Twitter page:
Or by Mobile: +447871617950

Ali and the Chough Project team!

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