2012 Cornish Chough Update

2012 has been a hard breeding season for many birds, fortunately the unseasonal weather has not affected the choughs too badly and they have had another fantastic season. This year there were 5 nests to monitor across Cornwall. The fantastic news is that from these 5 nests, 18 chicks have fledged successfully, another record breaking year. We are delighted to see yet another year with 100 % fledging rate and we couldn’t do it without the help of all the staff and volunteers involved in the project, many thanks. All of the young have taken to the wing very well and are spreading further along the coast. As they find their independence it is getting increasingly hard to keep track of them , so if you do see choughs, your sightings would be much appreciated, please email them to cornishchoughs@rspb.org.uk

More exciting news…

Finally, after 11 years of debate and wondering, we are excited to share the original origin of Cornwall’s choughs. As you know in 2001 three unringed choughs arrived on the Lizard, after being extinct in Cornwall for nearly 40 years. Two of these birds settled at Southerly Point and have bred there for the last 11 years successfully raising 44 chicks. A project carried out by researchers at the University of Aberdeen has compared the DNA found in chough feathers from across Europe, the results of their research strongly suggest that the original pair of choughs came from Ireland. For more information visit University of Aberdeen’s website http://www.abdn.ac.uk/news/details-12997.php

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2 thoughts on “2012 Cornish Chough Update

  1. john purchas

    on 28th Feb walking on the coast path in a westerly direction(towards Penzance direction) and about half a mile from the westerly end of Praa Sands beach where open land starts after a closed in path I saw a pair of mature choughs about 30 foot in front of me. They then veered off to a nearby cliff with their well known call

  2. john purchas

    on 28th Feb saw 2 mature choughs on footpath to west of Praa Sands beach on coastal footpath where land becomes open after a closed in footpath

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