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  1. Ironingman

    I’d just like to be the first person to say “Thank You” to the team for putting the Cornwall Birding website together, and for keeping it up-to-date and relevant.
    I’d also like to know the best places to see Barn Owls in Cornwall. Any thoughts please?

  2. Admin Post author

    Walmsley sanctuary is a good place to see Barn Owls during the day or the surrounding fields. Men-an-Tol and surrounding farmland in the west of the county and the fields south of Hayle have a few pairs. I’ve also seen them hunting around the Hell’s Mouth/North Cliffs area near Gwithian.

  3. Ironingman

    Great! Thanks for that! The only one I’ve seen since coming to live in Cornwall 10 years ago was on the Callington side of Bray Shop, at 06.45 one morning as it flew across the road.

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