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Up-to-date bird sightings from Cornwall. All info courtesy of BIRDNET unless Stated otherwise. (

Saturday 22nd July 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Porthgwarra – possible Bulwer’s Petrel flew west past Infirmary Hill at 1248hrs. probable Scopoli’s Shearwater flew west Past Gwennap Head at 0935hrs. Wilson’s Petrel (2) flew past Gwennap Head. Also Cory’s Shearwater (147), Great Shearwater (33), Sooty Shearwater (139) and Storm Petrel (90)

The LizardGreat Shearwater (42), Cory’s Shearwater (36), Balearic Shearwater (8), Storm Petrel (63), Arctic Tern and Yellow-legged Gull (2)

Scillonian CrossingGreat Shearwater (5), Cory’s Shearwater (47), Storm Petrel (c50) and Sooty Shearwater (7) from Scillonian III

TreenCory’s Shearwater (25), Great Shearwater (2) and Sooty Shearwater (8) flew past Treen Cliff

PendeenCory’s Shearwater (2) flew west past Pendeen at 1550hrs

Friday 21st July 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Cattle Egret over Coronation Park (C.Selway)

WadebridgeCattle Egret (3) showing well still at 2100hrs tonight at Walmsley. Pectoral Sandpiper at Walmsley briefly at 1300hrs before moving to cover towards old hide. Also Wood Sandpiper (3), Green Sandpiper (5). Cattle Egret flew west over Coronation Park at 1200hrs (Thanks C.Selway, A.Langdon and A.Bond)

PorthgwarraWilson’s Petrel flew past Gwennap Head at 1215hrs. Also ‘White-bellied Storm Petrel sp’ and Cory’s Shearwater (37+), Great Shearwater (4), Balearic Shearwater (2), Sooty Shearwater (16), Storm Petrel (84+) and Pom Skua (2) (Thanks D.Flumm et al)

The LizardWilson’s Petrel off Lizard Point today. Also Cory’s Shearwater (296), Great Shearwater (66), Sooty Shearwater (9), Balearic Shearwater, Long-tailed Skua, Pomarine Skua Great Skua (6), Arctic Skua (2), Storm Petrel (109), ‘unidentifed’ Storm Petrel, Sabine’s Gull and Black Tern. (Thanks I.McLean et al)

PenleeCory’s Shearwater (2), Sooty Shearwater, Arctic Skua (4), Manx Shearwater (150+) (Thanks C.Buckland)

RameCory’s Shearwater (2) and Sooty Shearwater flew past Penlee Point

PendeenSooty Shearwater

Thursday 20th July 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Chapel PointWilson’s Petrel flew past at 1908hrs. Also Cory’s Shearwater, Storm Petrel (15), Sooty Shearwater, Arctic Skua and Med Gull (17)

PendeenCory’s Shearwater (4), Great Shearwater (2), Storm Petrel (2), Sooty Shearwater and Great Skua flew past Pendeen Watch this morning

Porthgwarra – Cory’s Shearwater (15), Sooty Shearwater (2), Storm Petrel (3) and Puffin flew past Gwennap Head

Tuesday 18th July 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

WadebridgeCattle Egret (3) and Wood Sandpiper at Walmsley Sanctuary

Scillonian CrossingGreat Shearwater (2) and Storm Petrel (2) from Scillonian III off Porthgwarra

HayleYellow-legged Gull (juv) at Hayle Estuary RSPB

PadstowMed Gull (54) and Yellow-legged Gull (Thanks D.Julian)

No sign of Amur Falcon by 1830hrs

Monday 17th July 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Amur Falcon (LGR Evans)

St Buryan*AMUR FALCON* (1s fem) still at 1243hrs 1/2 mile NNW of St Buryan, south of A30 by minor road to Crows-An-Wra viewed from sub station, then at Crean on post at 1305hrs then flew west with Hobby (2), again at 1805hrs by minor road to Crows-an-wra. Bird showed well up to dusk on roadside wires and hedgerows on outskirts of village then appeared to go to roost in large rear garden of house called ‘Lissadell’.

Wadebridge – Cattle Egret (3) still at Walmslet sanctuary this afternoon. Also Wood Sandpiper and Yellow-legged Gull. (Thanks C.Selway)

Cattle Egrets (C.Selway)