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The story and photos of the re-introduction and subsequent breeding in South Cornwall of Cirl Buntings.

Cirl Bunting’s on the Increase!!

This summer has seen a dramatic increase in the Cornish cirl bunting population, with record numbers of chicks being born in the county.

This enigmatic farmland bird used to range across Cornwall, but disappeared in the early nineties. Now, thanks to the ongoing reintroduction project, it has been returned to one of its past haunts and the population is growing. Continue reading

Cirl Bunting Project Update

Cirl buntings are breeding again in Cornwall thanks to the RSPB’s cirl bunting reintroduction project in partnership with Paignton Zoo, Natural England and the National Trust. Cirl buntings are small farmland birds that used to be found throughout the county, and right across England’s south coast, but now they are restricted to a narrow strip of coastal farmland in south Devon. Despite a revival in numbers over the last 15 years, this population is still vulnerable, so it was decided to establish another population within its’ former range.

cirl2.jpgcirl4.jpg Continue reading