We have had few enquiries about the song and location of the Iberian Chiffchaff at Kenidjack, so hopefully this will help. The bird is frequenting the copse to the left of the engine shed (as you face it). It appears to be doing a small circuit and can also be seen on the opposite side of the road to the engine shed on occasion. It mainly frquents the oaks in the copse though. The engine shed is pretty much the first large structure on your right as you go down the valley. SEE MAP.

The MP3 links below were taken of the Kenidjack bird on Sunday morning.

Iberian Chiffchaff (A.Hugo); Iberian Chiffchaff (A.Hugo)

One thought on “IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF at Kenidjack

  1. Derek mays

    Many thanks for the map.I passed by Kenidjack the other day and thought I’d have a gander at this little rarity,I had not prepared myself very well though.For starters,I had know idea what the bird actually sounded like,and secondly there were an awful lot of what I thought were engine houses,many with copses seemingly beside them.I spent ages listening to a Chiffchaff in a tree convinced I had found it,an was wondering why people were having so much trouble spotting it,as this bird was extremely showy and proud of its little self.
    I got home well chaffed that I had seen the lonely little wonder,but! upon listening to some recordings of Iberian Chiffchaff’s and our native Chiffchaff’s I realized I had been seeing what I wanted to see an not what I was actually seeing.
    Self delusion is a wonderful thing until the bubble is burst.
    Many thanks for leading us fools to the real gold.

    PS. I thoroughly enjoyed watching one of our native Chiffchaff’s and appreciate them far more than hitherto.

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