8 thoughts on “Gull ID?

  1. philip kelly

    Looks like a second-winter Glaucous Gull to me-from what one can see of the leg colour (seemingly dark) that also would tend to corroborate it. Super pictures-as a result I’m pretty positive about it.

  2. Brian Hawker

    Agreed its a Glaucous Gull. The only contenders are that and Iceland Gull but Iceland Gulls have a shorter and more rounded head, shorter beak and relatively larger eye. Your photo shows classic Glaucous Gull head.

  3. John Rance

    I’m going for 2y Iceland- looks smallish, long pointed primaries, lacks the ‘fierce’ expression and bulk of a Glaucous. The extent of the pink at the base of the bill is unusual though…

  4. Andy Pay

    I think it’s a 2nd year Iceland. The ‘expression’, bill length, head-shape and size are all wrong for Glaucous. Seemingly dark legs??

  5. Dean Nicholson

    Certainly not a “classic” of either of the common white winged gulls. Leucistic Herring Gull for me.

  6. Andy Jayne

    Looks way to lightweight for a Glaucous. The bill’s too small and the head quite rounded. The legs look pink in the flight shot. Iceland Gull or leucistic Herring Gill for me.

  7. Steve Brown

    First photo shows size similar to the Herring Gull on the right, to me the head shape is rounded enough for Iceland.

  8. Richard James

    It doesn’t look right for Iceland to me. The bill is classic second summer/winter Glaucous and Glaucous quite often show a more apparently rounded head. Having said that it doesn’t look obviously bigger than the adjacent Herring gulls but due to illusions that can be caused by optical equipment I’m still going for Glaucous.

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