Grey Phalarope at Gwithian……briefly!

A cracking Grey Phal was on the main pool at St Gothian Sands NR, Gwithian up until 16.oohrs this afternoon. Unfortunately it met an untimely demise at the talons of a Common Buzzard!! Witnessed by a gobsmacked Tim Twiggs and Paul Freestone, both agreed they had never seen a Buzzard do that before! Here’s few shots of the poor birds end. Thanks to Matt Sallis for adjusting the shots in Photoshop.



7 thoughts on “Grey Phalarope at Gwithian……briefly!

  1. Chris Oates

    Stunning – to be there was lucky – to get the shots was incredible – I’m sure they could be post-processed.

  2. Jamie

    After spending 20 years flying Hawks and Buzzards I have never seen anything like that!!! For a Common Buzzard that is fantastic.

    Great set of images……..

  3. Brian McGeough

    Great set of pictures, I have heard of Buzzards taking Little Owls up in the midlands and this proves that they are more than capable of taking birds, excellent

  4. Paul Mallett

    You were so very lucky to get these photos!! How easy would it have been to just be sitting there looking at the Grey Phalarope through a telescope and not to have the camera ready for a series of photos like that! Chance in a lifetime, I’d say! Superb!

  5. Russell Needham

    I was actually in the Towans at the time and missed it! FYI at another time I saw a hen Peregrine teaching a youngster to hunt there. She flew in low and put up a small flock of Dunlin, then did a hand brake turn to drive them out over the open water. Youngster dived in, hit one which fell into the water but by some miracle it managed to get away!

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