A juvenile AQUATIC WARBLER was trapped and ringed at Marazion Marsh RSPB reserve this morning by Mark Grantham and our own Ash Hugo. This is the first one caught at Marazion since 1996,  (not 1997 as previously stated) when five birds were trapped and ringed. Marazion has historically been known for its August Aquatic Warblers but numbers have decreased rapidly since the mid 1990’s. Prior to that Aquatic could almost be guaranteed at Marazion with up to 20 reported in 1991!  The last published record (CBWPS report 2006) at Marazion Marsh was in September 2006, seen by the reserves manager Dave Flumm, although the last ‘authenticated’ record at Marazion was in 2001. With another trapped an ringed at Lytchett Bay, Dorset last week, lets hope this could be a return to Aquatic Warbler being an annual vagrant to Marazion again.

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