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Monday 30th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

WadebridgeCATTLE EGRET still at Walmsley Sanctuary this morning. Also Swift (8) and Otter. Yellow Wagtail (18+) this evening. Redstart (3 male), Yellow Wagtail, Common Sandpiper (2), Whimbrel (33), Yellow-legged Gull (ad) and Swift (4) from Burniere Hide, on Camel Estuary (Thanks C.Selway)

St JustWOODCHAT SHRIKE at Cape Cornwall in 1st and 2nd field east of golf course entrance track this afternoon. WOOD WARBLER in Nanquidno Valley. Pied Flycatcher at Cot Valley

Marazion – possible GREAT WHITE EGRET flew into reed bed at Marazion Marsh RSPB at 1045hrs. Also White Wagtail, Whimbrel (50+), Sedge Warbler (3+) and Swift (10+) (Thanks R.Davey)

Newquay ICELAND GULL (3w) on Gannel Estuary still

Land’s EndRedstart (1 male/3 1st sum), Whinchat (m&f), Wheatear (80+), Whitethroat (12), House Martin (30), Whimbrel (200+) between Treeve Common and Cycle track at Trinity Pool (Thanks M.Halliday)

St IvesHen Harrier, Cuckoo and Ring Ouzel at Eagles Nest this morning (Thanks R.Davey). Wheatear (51) and Whitethroat at Buttermilk Hill/Rosewall Hill this morning, Wheatear (18) (Thanks V.Stratton)

FalmouthWhimbrel (8) on Castle Beach. Also Common Sandpiper (2) (Thanks J.St Ledger)

Drift Scaup still at Drift Reservoir. Also Whimbrel (40+) (Thanks R.Davey)

The Lizard GN Diver (3) flew past Lizard point in 3 hours this morning. Also Whimbrel (51) and Manx Shearwater (5000)

St Austell - Swift (10+) and House Martin (20+) over Par Beach Pool this afternoon (Thanks C.Jewels)

PerranporthSwift over A3075 west of Penhallow at 1000hrs (Thanks R.Copeland)


Sunday 29th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

Wadebridge**BLUE-WINGED TEAL** (fem) and *BLACK-WINGED STILT*, showing well at Walmsley Sanctuary still (Thanks R.Davey)

Black-winged Stilt, Walmsley, 290412 (C.Selway)

NewquayICELAND GULL (3w) on Gannel Estuary still this evening

FalmouthCommon Swift over Swanpool today. Also good numbers of House Martins and Common Sandpiper on pool (Thanks A.Nicholson)

Saturday 28th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

Wadebridge*BLACK-WINGED STILT* at Walmsley Sanctuary this evening and **BLUE-WINGED TEAL** (fem) still at Walmsley sanctuary. Also CATTLE EGRET and Black Tern (Thanks C.Travis and D.Julian)

St Ives*BLACK KITE* flew east over Buttermilk Hill this morning. Also Wheatear (17), Cuckoo and Green Sandpiper (on pool). Wheatear (21) at Buttermilk this evening. Cuckoo and Merlin at Towednack along with a large fall of other migrants including Willow Warbler (40+), Chiffchaff (15+), Blackcap (25+) and single Sedge Warbler and Jay. (Thanks M. Rouncefield, V.Stratton et al)

BudeNIGHTINGALE early morning at Duckpool Valley. Also Grasshopper Warbler, good numbers of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff. Also Wheatear (5) on cliff tops and Firecrest reported at top of valley (Thanks H.Kendall)

SennenHOODED CROW east of cycle track in field below Trinity Cottages. Garden Warbler nearby

GodrevyICELAND GULL (2w) again on east side of Godrevy Island today

NewquayICELAND GULL (3w) again at Gannel Estuary

Land’s EndBlue-headed Wagtail at Treave Common. Also Redstart

Perranporth Ring Ouzel (f) at Penhale Dunes. Also Wheatear (9). Grasshopper warbler heard at Holywell Bay.(Thanks P.Fenn)

NewquayWhimbrel (87) at East Pentire on pitch and putt. Also Wheatear (9) and Grasshopper Warbler (Thanks S.Rowe)

MarazionWhimbrel (2), House Martin (20+), Common Swift (2) and Sedge Warbler (2) at Marazion Marsh RSPB this morning (Thanks M.Curtis)

The LizardWhimbrel at Kynance Cove this morning (Thanks I.Griffiths)

St AustellWhimbrel and Wheatear at Spit Beach/ Par Harbour area. (Thanks R.Davey)

Porthgwarra Redstart at Porthgwarra

Friday 27th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

Wadebridge**BLUE-WINGED TEAL** (fem) and CATTLE EGRET still at Walmsley Sanctuary. Also Swift (6+), Whimbrel (3) and Sedge Warbler (8+). Little Ringed Plover and Wheatear (2 male) at Treraven Meadows this afternoon. Cuckoo and Garden Warbler at Treraven Farm late afternoon (Thanks C.Selway)

Sennen – ICELAND GULL (2w) in Sennen Cove off lifeboat station this afternoon. Also Whimbrel (15).

NewquayICELAND GULL (3w) still on Gannel Estuary. Also Whimbrel (60+) at East Pentire Pitch and Putt (Thanks P.Harris)

GwithianICELAND GULL (2w) at St Gothian Sands NR this afternoon

BodminLesser Whitethroat at Bodmin Moor today (Thanks L.Sampson)

Drift Scaup still at Drift Reservoir

New PolzeathWhitethroat (male) in car park at New Polzeath this morning (Thanks T.Davies)

Carbis BaySwift over Polwithen Drive

St IvesWheatear (32. 25 male+7 fem) and Swallow (26) at Buttermilk Hill. Wheatear (17. 13m+4f) and Cuckoo (2) at Rosewall Hill. Wheatear (9. 7m+2f) at Trevalgan Hill. Willow Warbler large numbers and Cuckoo at Holmans Moor. Cuckoo at Coal Harbour, Towednack (Thanks V.Stratton)

St JustCuckoo at Cot Valley this afternoon. Wheatear (2) in field at Bollowall Farm (Thanks K.Bealing)

Mounts Bay – GN Diver (3) in bay

Thursday 26th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

Newquay – ICELAND GULL (3w) at Gannel Estuary still this morning

GwithianICELAND GULL in Godrevy bay this evening

SennenICELAND GULL (2w) still in cow field at Tregiffian Farm at 0710hrs then flew off with Herring Gulls. Also Whimbrel (44) and Common Sandpiper on beach (Thanks J.Young)

Mounts BayGN Diver off Long Rock

WadebridgeSwift (2) and Whimbrel (16) over Coronation Park this morning. Whimbrel (40+) at Dinham Flats this afternoon (Thanks C.Selway)

PenzanceWhimbrel (100) on heliport today

PorthgwarraWheatear on cliff top. Also Pom Skua (7), Great Skua (4) and Arctic Skua (2) past Gwennap Head. (Thanks S.Kerton)

DriftScaup still on reservoir

Wednesday 25th March 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

Wadebridge**BLUE WINGED TEAL** still at Walmsley Sanctuary today. Also CATTLE EGRET still.

SennenICELAND GULL offshore in cove. Also Grasshopper Warbler, Wheatear (2) and Whitethroat (3) between Escalles and Tregiffian (Thanks J.Young)

Newquay ICELAND GULL (3w) again at Gannel Estuary

St Ives Ring Ouzel (male) on south side of Buttermilk Hill this morning. Swift (2) and Wheatearat Buttermilk Hill. Cuckoo (2) at Trevalgan Hill this evening  (Thanks V.Stratton)

Cuckoo, St Ives, 240412 (V.Stratton)

LooeArctic Skua,Great Skua, Whimbrel, (100+) and GN Diver (8) past Hannafore this morning (D.Clegg via FB)

FalmouthBlack-throated Diver (2) past Pendennis Point. Also Great Skua (3), Arctic Skua and GN Diver. (THanks D.Chaney)

Porthgwarra – Pom Skua (dk morph) flew past Gwennap Head this morning

St JustGrasshopper Warbler at Nanquidno again and Whimbrel (16) in fields at Little Hendra (Thanks J.Young). Grasshopper Warbler in Kenidjack Valley

PenzanceLittle Tern offshore. Pom Skua in Mouts Bay from Scillonian III this evening

MarazionWhimbrel (c200) on beach today

PolzeathWhitethroat (3) at Stinky Valley, Pentire Farm this morning (Thanks C.Selway)

HayleFirecrest at Hayle at 0940hrs, showing well (Thanks J.Pearce)


Tuesday 24th April 2012 Cornwall Bird Reports

WadebridgeCATTLE EGRET still at Walmsley Sanctuary late afternoon . Also Swift, Whimbrel and Sedge Warbler (3) (Thanks C.Selway)

NewquayICELAND GULL (3w) still on Gannel Estuary today.

PenrynWhimbrel (4), Common Sandpiper (2), Greenshank (2), Snipe and Swallow (2) on Penryn River at Gorrangorras (Thanks J. St Ledger)

HayleCommon Sandpiper (5) on Hayle Estuary this morning (Thanks P.Jeggo)

St IvesCuckoo and Wheatear (7) at Buttermilk Hill (Thanks V.Stratton and J.Thomas)

PerranporthRing Ouzel (fem) at Perranporth Airfield 300 yards, east of sewage works (Thanks J.Julian)

SennenWhimbrel (36) on Sennen beach (Thanks J.Young)

LauncestonMandarin (2) on river Tamar at Netherbridge (Thanks A.Davey)