Unusual Survival Behaviour by Common Sandpiper

This amazing sequence of images, taken by Rupert Kirkwood aboard his kayak off Mousehole yesterday shows the incredible lengths some birds will go to to avoid certain death! Rupert explains:

“Extraordinary peregrine attack witnessed from my kayak two miles off the coast near mousehole. Peregrine stooped at Common Sandpiper that took evasive action and crash-dived into the sea . The peregrine then tried to retrieve its prey from the surface, which dived as it approached! The peregrine dipped its feet under the water to try to catch the submerged sandpiper.

After a couple more circuits and attempts to catch its prey it flew off. I paddled up to the swimming sandpiper assuming it was injured but when my kayak was a few feet away it flew off apparently unharmed! Photos show peregrine dipping feet into water, and the sandpiper’s head is just visible as a tiny dot below peregrine in photo 4″

Monday 24th April 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Avocet, Ryan’s Field 24042017 (J.Hicks)

Lands EndWestern Subalpine Warbler (male) singing still south of east end of car park in scrub west of footpath

Goss MoorLittle Bunting still at Goss Moor NNR at Toads Hole by Pylons by Marsh Fritillary info board

Bodmin Moor Lesser Scaup (ad drk) still at Siblyback Lake at 1730hrs

HayleSpoonbill and Avocet on Ryan’s field this morning (Thanks J.Morgan)

MarazionGarganey (drk) still at Marazion Marsh RSPB viewed from road

St Ives – Ring Ouzel (2+) still at Buttermilk Hill

Sunday 23rd April 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

The LizardRed-footed Falcon (fem) still in field west of Lizard village this morning. Purple Heron (ad) at Crousa Downs. Wryneck at Caethillian Cove. Also Ring Ouzel. Little Stint (2) at Lizard Point

Lands EndWestern Subalpine Warbler (male) south of car park in scrub by track at SW corner of Swingates House tho elusive

Nanjizal – Red-rumped Swallow at Nanjizal early afternoon. Also Blue Headed Wagtail. Keep to public rights of way

Bodmin MoorLesser Scaup (ad drk) at Siblyback Lake

WadebridgeOsprey at Dinham Flats

St IvesRing Ouzel (5) at Buttermilk Hill. Also Cuckoo (Thanks V.Stratton)

MarazionGarganey (drk) stilata Marazion Marsh RSPB

SennenIceland Gull flew over church to ploughed field

St Agnes – Iceland Gull (imm) at St Agnes head

HayleSpoonbill still on estuary from causeway

Saturday 22nd April 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Goss MoorLittle Bunting still by pylons at Toads Hole

The LIzardRed-footed Falcon (fem) at Caethillian Cove on wires by pumping station at 2020hrs then flew east. Ring Ouzel at Windmill Farm


HayleCattle Egret reported on Ryans field

St IvesRing Ouzel (5) at Rosewall HIll at 0630hrs then flew NE. Also Cuckoo

MarazionSwift flew over at 1030hrs

Friday 21st April 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Bodmin Moor – drake Lesser Scaup at north end of Siblyback lake this evening (Thanks A.Dawson)

Bude Cattle Egret (3) again at Maer Lake today

Penzance White Stork drifted high west over Penzance at 1310hrs (Thanks M.Bishop)

Goss Moor Little Bunting again at Goss Moor today (Thanks B.Macdonald)

The Lizard Woodchat Shrike  again on hedgerow and feeding in ploughed field next to Lizard Village (07:10 – 07:20). No sign since (cbwps)

GodolphinRed Kite over Godolphin hill at 1640hrs (Thanks S.Yandall)

Penryn Red Kite circling over Penryn at 1230hrs then drifted towards Falmouth (Thanks S.Bearhop)

Common Sandpiper , Hayle (J.Hicks)

Thursday 20th April 2017 Cornwall Bird Sightings

Marazion Cattle Egret (2) at Marazion Marsh RSPB. Also Garganey (drk).

Goss Moor Little Bunting again.Take the road through Tregoss and head towards Enniscaven, turn right down the lane for Toad’s Hole. Once past number 3 Toad’s Hole with the green shed walk right along the track. The birds frequent the area around the 2 large pylons before the Marsh Fritillary information board.

Hayle Spoonbill still on estuary (Thanks J.Hicks)

PolgiggaRed Kite over at 1520hrs. Also Common Swift. (Thanks M.Wallace)

WadebridgeRed Kite over St Minver Cricket Club

Prussia CoveCommon Whitethroat (6) at Prussia Cove today. Also Common Dolphin (10) offshore (Thanks K.Burford)